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Snowbee XS Fly Lines 
After more than 20 years of manufacturing some of the best fly lines on the market, we didn’t think it was possible to go any better… until now! 
We have tried for years but only recently has the technology been perfected to go that step further than we have ever achieved before. Over the past 12 months, we’ve been working hard to refine the production and coating in particular of the XS fly lines and now, through new ‘Nano technology’ (similar in principal to that applied to the popular Geo Fly Rod range) we have the material available to take our lines onto a new level. Make no mistake, this is as big a technological leap, as when we launched the early ‘Prestige’ fly lines more than 22 years ago! 
This new technology has enabled us to produce the softest, most supple and superior casting fly lines we have ever made. Our new Nano Coating Technology (NCT), would in comparative terms, be like comparing our old coating material made up with particles the size of grains of sand, with our new Nano coating, in a molecular form equivalent to talcum powder consistency. The smaller Nano particles result in a silky smooth surface finish and a denser material whether sinking or floating and a finer profile for the same performance. 
The results have been outstanding but profile and design of course have still been equally crucial and surprisingly, not an exact science. Whilst this base technology has already been phased in to recent production on standard XS lines and traditional profiles, the work has also extended to develop a brand new primer and core material, which together with the new Nano coating Technology produced the revolutionary new XS-Plus ‘Thistledown’ fly line towards the end of 2014. This line won in Brussels at the EFTTEX Show in June. Since then it has received countless positive reviews and feedback and we are continually pushing production to meet demand as this is the first in a series of new lines developed and launched for this season. 
With this new technology and development now available, 2015 sees the introduction of an extended range of 21st century fly lines designed for specific applications. ‘Thistledown’ was the first in this series and the unique monofilament core, together with the astounding new primer, meant that we could produce a line with no memory, silky smooth on the outside and high floating, yet so thin that a single line weight would cast effortlessly on rods of #2, #3, #4 or #5wt with similar ease! 
How...? is the question everybody asks. How is this possible...? Well it comes down to simple physics as much as anything. The profile is such that the line has minimal resistance through the air for its given density and volume. It therefore loses virtually no energy in the cast and is so much more economic in casting than a more traditional profile. Having less air resistance means, despite being very light, it can even be cast into or across a stiff breeze with surprising effectiveness and accuracy. The range being launched this year also includes a brand new twin colour Stillwater series, in specific line weights. Unlike the Thistledown these thicker, heavier lines require separate line weight from #5 up to #8wt. On specific line weights, in floating and sinking options, both with the new mono core and braided cores the new Nano coating construction makes them all extremely efficient and effective. Stunning results and beaming smiles were on faces when first testing at the launch of these lines as prototypes at EFTTEX in Belgium and later at the Tackle and Gun trade show in October 2014. 
XS-Plus Nano-Tec Fly Lines 
‘Awesome’, ‘Stunning’, ‘Wow’ are just some of the words used to describe the performance when people have picked up and cast the new Nano Technology fly lines. There are currently three completely new lines in the new XS Plus series – with more to follow, as we get to grips with the full potential of this amazing new technology! 
WFTD XS-Plus Thistledown WF 2-WF 5 
The first line in the new series is the amazing ‘Thistledown’, designed for the river and light fishing on still waters. This is a single weight line suitable for applications across the range from #2 to #5wt. It is two-tone in colour (Shamrock Olive head/Buckskin running line) and 90ft in total length. There is a short head of just 34.5ft which has a compound front taper and long slender running line for effortless casting and presentation, at whatever range is required. The ultra-thin profile, with a head diameter of just 0.65mm and running line of a mere 0.55mm, combined with the super-smooth Nano coating, allows the line to cut through the air with ease on whichever chosen rod, maintain line speed through the cast and has a tendency to produce a smile on every cast… this line has proved ‘astounding’ to many so far! Both ends are pre-looped, with hand-whipped micro-loops, to maintain the line’s outstanding performance, and ready to go straight from the box. 
DTNL XS-Plus Nymph Line Floating Uni-weight 
Like the Thistledown this is also a single ‘uni-weight’ line with mono core. It is a floating line but specifically designed with river nymphing in mind. It boasts a short 6ft front taper, reducing to a fine 0.55mm diameter tip. The long, level belly is a similarly slim 0.65mm diameter, before the matching 6ft back taper to make it fully reversible. Both tapers are high-viz orange in colour for optimum visibility and ‘fine take’ detection and feel. The reversible double taper line is 75ft in length and is micro-looped at both ends for finesse and immediate use. 
WFKBI XS-Plus ‘Kelly-Blue’ Intermediate WF 5-WF 9 (1.5-1.8ips) 
In addition to the Floating options we have extended the technology to this unique sinking line – a superb casting, two-colour ‘Kelly-Blue’ Intermediate. With a Kelly Green head and Royal Blue running line, this slow sinking line has been specifically designed for the Irish and Loch fishing styles, and it has already proved hugely successful in testing across a range of fishing styles and techniques. With a low stretch braided core and conventional WF Taper, this line with its new Nano construction will behave very similarly to the Neutral Density (WFND) fly line but should cut through the surface film a little quicker but not sink as fast as other, more conventional intermediate fly lines. 
Snowbee XS Floating Fly Lines 
Designed by us over 20 years ago now, still reputedly the best traditional fly line on the market today. The secret behind the legendary performance of the Snowbee XS fly lines has been the unique coating formula and profile, in conjunction with the classic low-stretch core, producing the most supple and memory free performance the line is renowned for. 
Many have tried and failed to replicate this formula, but there is still only one ‘Original’ Snowbee fly line. Over the years, there have been minor changes in production methods and 2015 sees the introduction of the new Nano-Technology to this winning formula across the range. However, that unmistakeable profile and suppleness remain the same – the only change is that with the new coating applied across the range, they are now even better than before! 
In using this new technology, we have refined the original formula and manufacturing techniques to enhance the already superb, supple, memory free performance so loved by fly fishers worldwide. In 2014 the Snowbee XS Ivory Floating was our top selling line, and reputation has it as still the best-selling floating line in the UK. If you don’t already know why… just try one and you will soon find out! 
"I have been using these fly lines for several years for casting presentations, teaching and fishing in the United States. They are truly 'world class' lines and are specifically requested by many renowned casters. With an assortment of tapers, memory free yet durable, these are high performance lines.....I heartily recommend them to all casters from the novice to the most discriminating professional" Lee Davison FFFMCI, THCI (Casting Professional - USA)  
XS Line Mix
WFF XS Floating (Ivory or Hi-Viz)
WFF XS Floating (Ivory or Hi-VIZ) - WF3-WF9 
The flagship of the range, the original Prestige, without doubt one of the best floating fly lines available today. Its unique combination of ultra-low friction coating, superbly balanced profile and outstanding shootability, makes this a fly line which enhances the performance of the world’s best fly rods.  
Available in original Ivory or Hi-Viz Orange (WFHV XS Hi-Viz Floating - WF5-WF9). 
Hi-Float Fly Lines
WFHF XS-Plus Hi-Float Fly Line (for rivers)  
Our premium fly line combines all the attributes of the current XS range, but in a new Hi-Float coating. This ultra-buoyant material avoids tip sink, making this the ideal dry fly, or light nymphing line.  
In 2-tone olive up to line #5 for the river and 2-tone blue in line weights #6, #7 and #8 for the reservoir. 
WFFTC- XS Two Colour Floating (Ivory/Blue)
WFFTC- XS Two Colour Floating (Ivory/Blue) - WF3-WF9 
The original Snowbee two colour, first used by casting instructors and demonstrators world wide, to perfect and demonstrate their art. The best of Snowbee XS standard fly line design with a simple colour enhancement to assist every fly fisher to perfect their technique. 
EDF - XS Extreme Distance Fly Line (Ivory/Peach)
EDF - XS Extreme Distance Fly Line (Ivory/Peach) - WF5F-WF9F 
Following the remarkable success of the Snowbee XS Ivory and then Two Colour lines, the new Extreme Distance has been the latest in award winning fly lines for Snowbee and now with a #5wt version, this is surely one of the ultimate distance casting lines ever made. Distance casting made easy. 
WFSF XS-Plus Stealth Floating
WFSF XS-PLU S Spectre floating - WF2-WF5 
Designed specifically for light weight, short rods, small reels and for perfect presentation in confined spaces. It has a weight forward construction, with a delicate front taper in a two tone camouflage olive colour to help break up that hard profile of a normal line and assist with stealthy presentation. The front taper and head extend to a maximum of 40ft then finished with a thin, level running line up to 75ft, which can be trimmed to fit any reel. 
DPF - XS Delicate Presentation Floating Fly Line
DPF - XS Delicate Presentation Floating Fly Line - WF2-WF7 
This line was originally designed for ‘Thistle Down’ presentation on rivers but if anybody thought that rivers were the limit with this line they would be mistaken. The Continuous Rear Taper (CRT) profile has surprised many when demonstrating and on still waters where dry fly casting, using the #5 to #7wt versions, has proved effortless. 
DTF - XS Double Taper Floating Fly Line
DTF - XS Double Taper Floating Fly Line - DT3-DT9 
Incorporating all the superb properties of the original Snowbee XS Weight Forward Floating line, but in a Double Taper profile, for the traditional angler not yet converted to the Delicate Presentation but where fly presentation is still everything and still great for delicate spider and dry fly fishing in particular. 
For enhanced performance and extended life, each fly line comes with a specially formulated bottle of Snowbee line care, plus two loop connectors in appropriate sizes, to be used with the enclosed line. Be sure to read the instructions on how to get the best performance with your new Snowbee line.  
Specialist Snowbee XS Fly Lines 
WFBT - XS Buzzer Line (Olive Tip/Ivory)
WFBT XS Buzzer Line - BT5-BT9 
For optimum performance when fishing the ubiquitous and hugely rewarding style of buzzer fishing from the bank or boat. This fly line has the same profile as the popular XS Floating Ivory but the last 3-4ft of the front taper section 
is coloured a neutral shade of olive where it has been purposely designed to sink slowly and improve successful ‘hook ups’ and ‘feel’ when straight line nymphing and buzzer fishing. 
WFST - XS Intermediate Sink Tip Fly Line
WFST XS Intermediate Sink Tip Fly Line - WF5-WF9 
A sink tip line which exhibits the same superb casting performance as our floating lines, without the hinging and ‘casting kick’ usually associated with sink tips. The 13ft intermediate density sink tip will ‘hang’ sub-surface, giving straight line contact with the fly, to avoid missed takes. Precise depth control is achieved, through speed of retrieve make this line ideal for the serious Grayling, Brown and Sea-Trout angler. 
WFND - XS Neutral Density Fly Line
WFND XS Neutral Density Fly Line - WF5-WF9 
The same profile as the Snowbee XS floating line, but in a sensitive, low-stretch core and non-spooking neutral colour. The super slow, uniform sink rate, is designed to ‘hang’ just sub-surface. Too many lines sink quickly below those invisible sub-surface fish, but this one sinks very slowly with immense control, and free from memory. There is not a line made to match it, as the tests have proved. 
WFI - XS Clear Intermediate Fly Line
WFI XS Clear Intermediate Fly Line - WF5-WF9 
The combination of outstanding Snowbee XS performance, with virtual invisibility, makes this versatile line deadly for all sub-surface fishing, whether Buzzer, Nymph, Sea-Trout or Saltwater. Minimal stretch for ultimate feel, this is a stealth fishing line every angler should have on one of their spare spools. 
Maintaining Snowbee Sinking Lines To maintain the performance of all Snowbee sinking lines, regular cleaning and application of Snowbee Degreaser will help keep the line consistent and free of grease and silicone, which will affect sink rate if left untreated. 
Snowbee XS-tra distance Fly Lines 
The XS-Plus XS-tra distance lines use a shooting-head profile designed for extreme distance casting with minimal back cast and false casting. There are three lines in the series, Floating, Intermediate and Fast-Sink, each with a shorter than normal head length of 40ft, 35ft and 30ft respectively. On all of them, the head has a short back taper for powerful performance onto a continuous, high visibility, fine diameter floating running line for the ultimate ‘shootability’ and visibility to enhance optimum ‘take’ and ‘strike’ reaction. The overall length of all the lines is 120ft (40 yards) and early trials regularly saw the loop to backing joint, rattling through the rod rings! These lines will benefit people of all casting abilities, exceed the performance using traditional profile lines and help reach those fish that were previously just out of casting range, especially when there may be a limited back-cast available. 
Available in Floating, Intermediate and Fast-Sink, these new lines will help you reach those fish that were previously just out of casting range. 
Maintaining Snowbee Sinking Lines 
To maintain the performance of all Snowbee sinking lines, regular cleaning and application of Snowbee Degreaser will help keep the line consistent and free of grease and silicone, which will affect sink rate if left untreated. 
XS-TRA Distance Lines
EXDF XS-tra Distance Floating
EXDF XS-tra Distance Floating - WF5-WF8 
This very supple line with short Hi-Viz Chartreuse head and Hi-Viz Orange running line will deliver a cast at range with very little back cast, designed for use in tight spaces or simply effortless distance casting for even the modest beginner. The line excels when teamed up with the correctly weighted fly rod and probably the most commonly purchased fly line on the Snowbee ‘balanced outfit’ promotion. Available in WF sizes #5, #6, #7 and #8. 
EXDI XS-tra Distance Intermediate
EXDI XS-tra Distance Intermediate - WF5-WF8. ( 2-2.5ips) 
performance in a higher density, this line can be fished from bank or boat and is suitably balanced to be comfortable to use all day long but with the right fly choice one probably won’t have to! Distance casting made easy with the unique profile, the sink rate of 2–2.5ips will allow your flies to be fished at a range of depths to find the fish. Great for damsels and lures or simply a team of wets in traditional loch style from the boat. Available in WF sizes #5, #6, #7 and #8. 
EXDFS XS-tra Distance Fast Sink
EXDFS XS-tra Distance Fast Sink - WF5-WF8. (5-5.5ips) 
The shortest head of all the series at just 30ft (just over 9m), this line will fire a long line in all conditions from either bank or boat. Developed from the popular ‘Surf Line’ a short back cast only is required to punch out this fast sinking head. Most popularly used off the bank on still waters this has also been used in temperate saltwater applications and for predator fishing where reaching depth easily and quickly with short shooting head style is ideal. Available in WF sizes #5,#6,#7 and #8. 
XS-Plus ‘Countdown’ Sinking Fly Lines 
This range has been specifically designed to combine precise sink rates with maximum casting distance. The fly angler can reach extended drop-offs and target deep lying fish, with a line slick enough to do so without the fear and frustration of memory coils and constant tangles.  
Each line is low stretch for sensitivity and twin-coloured to highlight the optimum loading point for distance casting and performance, the long heads will deliver a line at extreme range from bank or boat, in order to achieve the necessary depth for deep feeding fish. Suitable for fresh or cold saltwater and available in sizes WF #6, #7, #8 and #9. 
Each line is low stretch for sensitivity and twin-coloured to highlight the optimum loading point for distance casting and performance, the long heads will deliver a line at extreme range from bank or boat, in order to achieve the necessary depth for deep feeding fish.  
Suitable for fresh or cold saltwater and available in sizes WF #6, #7, #8 and #9. 
XS-Plus Countdown Fly Lines
WFCD2 – XS-Plus Countdown Green (2ips) - WF6-WF9 
Two coloured, in natural olive green with a sky blue running line to help avoid spooking fish but still visible enough to see for fishing depth and control of retrieve. Sink rate 2ins/sec throughout, perfect for fishing nymphs or lures beneath the surface on rivers or Stillwater, close in or at long range. 
XS-Plus Countdown Fly Lines
WFCD3 – XS-Plus Countdown Tan (3ips) - WF6-WF9 
With a sink rate of 3ins/sec this has been designed for fishing nymphs or lures in more moderate depths, especially when the wind is up a little or with a booby on the point perhaps to provide a washing line style of fishing. Ideal when the fish are at a depth of 2-3ft and you can get there easily within a few seconds. Twin colour, chestnut brown head with light tan running line. 
XS-Plus Countdown Fly Lines
WFCD5 – XS-Plus Countdown Red (5ips) - WF6-WF9 
A great casting line with dark brown head providing a sink rate of 5ins/sec and a distinctive, silky smooth blood red running line. Really versatile for a team of sunk lures fished deep and slow, or ripped through the upper surfaces on a windy day. A great mid-water booby line too and phenomenal casting ability with the long head and no memory. Also suitable as a predator line in upper sizes, which will turnover easily and provide extreme casting ability. 
XS-Plus Countdown Fly Lines
XSPCD7 – XS-Plus Countdown Deep Blue (7ips) 
The fastest sinking Snowbee line yet. The density of the charcoal grey head provides a sink rate of 7ins/sec ideal for deep sinking lures, nymphs and boobies off the boat or really quick sinking for boobies and exploring the depths from the bank. The deep blue running line aids angler visibility without spooking the fish. The profile and density provide an excellent distance casting line, capable of quickly reaching the bottom in over 20ft of water. This line will sink about as far as you can cast with a memory free profile that aids casting on the roughest of days. 
Classic Fly Lines 
A quality range of Fly Lines at affordable prices.  
For many years, Snowbee has produced some of the best quality fly lines on the market today. The Classic Lines comprise of an economy priced range of floating and sinking densities aimed at the budget conscious angler.  
At these prices, you would not expect the supreme performance of the XS range of lines, however they offer good, reliable performance and make an exceptional ‘entry level’ or combo kit line. With shorter, steeper tapers, the casting performance is more forgiving and ensures good turn-over of large flies at maximum casting distance. 
Classic Trout 
Available in 30 yard (90ft) trout line options:  
CFF FLOATING - pale yellow;  
CFHV FLOATING HI-VIZ - chartreuse;  
CFI INTERMEDIATE (1.75-2.25 ips) - mid-blue; and 
FAST-SINK - dark green/grey – a range of Fast-Sink lines. In the same, popular weight forward tapers, as the other Classic models, these new lines are a joy to cast and get down to the fish fast, with a sink rate of 4–4.5 ips. 
Classic Trout Fly Lines
Classic Salmon 
CSF Salmon Spey - a 35yd (105ft) floating salmon spey line with a short 48ft head in peach colour. Great as a budget starter kit for the newcomer to salmon fishing or even for use as a saltwater line with the stronger core but short enough head for overhead casting. 
Classic Salmon Line
Salmon Spey Casting  
3D Spey Line System 
2015 sees the return of our original 3D tapers so loved by salmon fishermen worldwide, but with the addition of our new ‘Nano-technology’ coatings for even slicker performance. 
3D Spey Line System 
On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting and the size of the ‘D’ loop is not a limiting factor. Spey casting your way down a tree-lined or steep sided river however adds another dimension.  
Using a line with too short or too long a head and finding the optimum rod load point is left pretty much to guesswork. The Snowbee development team has tackled this situation head-on and produced a range of lines that are perfectly balanced for spey casting in just about any river environment.  
Snowbee 3D Salmon Lines are all available in Floating, Sink Tip and Intermediate densities and each one in 51ft (1D), 62ft (2D), and 73ft (3D) head lengths. The 1D, 2D and 3D Spey lines are each colour-coded, providing the angler with an easily identifiable choice to suit specific river and weather requirements and identify the precise loading points for optimum casting performance every time. 
New improved 2D Spey lines.
3D Spey Casting Fly Lines 
The revolutionary 3D ‘balanced system’ relies on head weights specifically matched to the ‘Optimum Head Weight’ (OHW) designated on all our Salmon Spey rods for the perfect balance. 
On large open rivers there is normally plenty of room for Spey casting and the size of the ‘D’ loop is not a limiting factor. Spey casting your way down a tree-lined or steep sided river however adds another dimension. Using a line with too short or too long a head and finding the optimum rod load point is left pretty much to guesswork. The Snowbee development team has tackled this situation head-on and produced a range of lines that are perfectly balanced for Spey casting in just about any river environment. 
3D Line System
3D fly lines 
The3-D principle is pretty straight forward, and is designed to reward the angler with optimum performance when the full head is extended. All three dimensions 1D, 2D and 3D can all be interchanged to suit the venue or conditions, without changing ones rod and still achieve the optimum casting performance, the only difference being the head length. The 2D is the great all rounder, the 1D is best for smaller tight locations and particularly windy conditions and the 3D, with its 73ft head, is ideal for the big open river. 
1D Spey Lines (51 ft Head) 
Suitable for Spey casting in small rivers where bank side vegetation and/ or steep sided river banks severely limit the back cast area. The 51ft head 1D lines are also ideal for windy days when the 2D and 3D options are simply too much to handle. With the 3D technology one can simply swap from the 3D to a 1D and carry on fishing with the same weight balance compensared in the shorter head. 
1D Spey Fly Lines (51ft Head)
2D Spey Lines (62 ft Head) 
Suitable for Spey casting in medium rivers where bank side vegetation and/ or steep sided river banks have minimal impact on the back cast area. Available in wide weight range from 36g #8/9 to the heaviest 56g #11/12.  
2D Spey Fly Lines (62ft Head)
3D Spey Lines (73ft Head) 
Suitable for Spey casting in larger more open rivers, where steep sided banks and vegetation do not inhibit the back cast. Available in all three densities, floating, sink tip and Intermediate.  
3D Spey Fly Lines (73ft Head)
'Intermediate' Sinking 1D, 2D & 3D Spey lines. 
In addition to the traditional Floating and Sink tip 3D Spey line Series we have now developed and introduced an 'Intermediate' sinking Spey line in all three lengths of '3D System' formats. This line has a sink rate of 2-2.5ips to help with those situations when a floating or sink tip fly line are just not enough. In all three head lengths 1D(51ft), 2D(62ft) and 3D(73ft) this line is designed to help produce more fish on those difficult days wherever one may be. 
'Scandinavian' Spey Lines 
Scandinavian Spey lines were specifically designed to meet the demands of both Salmon and Sea Trout anglers fishing with double handed Rods on small to medium size rivers and fishing in restricted areas in particular. Contrary to popular belief however the 120ft Scandinavian Spey’s, with their long running lines will perform well on larger rivers too and an increasing number of other applications besides. 
SSF / SSI Scandinavian-Spey Fly Lines
SSF/SSI ‘Scandinavian-Spey’ Fly Lines, 
(with Continuous Running Line and Backing) 
Our Scandinavian Spey line profiles meet the demands of salmon & sea-trout anglers, fishing with double handed rods in highly restricted areas, where the creation of a large ‘D’ loop is near impossible. By combining the best of the ‘Scandinavian underhand’ style of casting and ‘shooting head’ line technology, with our own UK style of ‘Spey Casting’ and delicate front taper design, we have the ultimate fly line for tackling ‘great places with tight spaces’. 
The shorter heads on the Scandinavian Spey, loads the rod quickly at short range, shoots like a dream and has the turnover of a traditional Spey line. The fast front taper, is especially suited to fishing with our Poly Coated Leaders, adding an extra dimension to fly presentation. 
Salmon & Sea Trout Fishing  
Snowbee ‘Switch’ Floating Fly Lines 
Snowbee ‘Switch’ Floating Fly Lines 
Profiles to perfectly match and complement our Prestige Switch rods. Modern day Switch lines are a little like a ‘compressed’ Spey line, with a short, heavy head similar to a shooting head profile, but in the popular ‘Skagit’ style. The difference however, is that the bulk of the weight is at the back of the head, to provide the power to create tight D-loops and effortless distance. A long shallow front taper provides a smooth energy transfer for controlled and accurate presentation. To enhance this, Switch lines are ideally fished with a Snowbee Poly-Coated Leader, allowing different fishing depths, depending on the density used. A short, steep rear taper compresses the weight into the head, where it’s needed and connects smoothly to a fine diameter, continuous running line for minimum friction and maximum shootability. 
Snowbee 'Switch' Intermediate Fly Line 
By popular request we have now launched a new Intermediate Switch line with a sinking density of approximately 1.5ips. Constructed with the same profile as the popular floating line, and pre-looped at both ends, this line has a slow sinking Olive coloured head and a floating Fluorescent Orange running line. Similar to the floating line, this is best fished with a short poly leader of similar density or faster, to achieve the ultimate in performance and presentation and ideal for fishing from the bank or wading. 
Available in Grain Weights 200 (#5wt) to 450 (#9wt) in all sizes to cover the popular range of Switch Rods 
'Switch' Fly Lines
Braided Backing  
Braided Dacron Backing Line 
Our braided Dacron backing line is a top-quality, low diameter backing made from 100% Polyester Dacron fibres. The low diameter and near zero stretch, coupled with the range of sizes and colours, make this an ideal backing line for all requirements, whether Trout, Salmon or Saltwater. For those wanting longer lengths, our 100m spools come packed 5 to a box, joined or we have bulk 1,250m spools. 
Sizes: 20lb B.S. (Trout) & 30lb B.S. (Salmon) in 100m spools or 1,250m bulk spools 
Colours: White or Hi-Viz Yellow 
Diameter: 20lb 0.38mm; 30lb 0.43mm 
Backing - Download Pdf Spec / Price 
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Fly Line Cleaning Accessories 
19103 Fly Line Cleaner/Leader Straightener  
A really useful accessory. Two surfaces have felt pads for fly line cleaning/dressing and the other 2 have rubber pads to straighten leaders. Plastic D-ring to attach to vest or zinger. 
19103 Fly Line Cleaner
SLSK Snowbee Line Slick  
A silicon based fly line lubricant, which reduces friction and resistance through the rings, allowing faster line speed at all times. Helps protect fly lines from damage and the effects of harmful chemicals.  
SLSK Snowbee Line Slick
SFLD Snowbee Fly Line Degreaser  
Our degreser is the only known silicone solvent, which removes all traces of silicone or grease from the fly line, allowing it to cut quickly through the surface.  
SFLD Snowbee Fly-Line Degreaser