New For 2023

Snowbee Stream-Trek Wading Boots Studded Felt / Rubber Sole


Combi Felt / Rubber Sole version of the Stream-Trek Wading Boot. This unique sole has rubber toe and heel sections for extra wear plus styds built into the felt for additional grip. The felt sole is not only stitched right through the mid-sole, but is also cut at an angle front and back, neatly dov-tailed under the toe and heel pads, to ensure the felt cannot become detached from the boots.

Note: If wearing with Stockingfoot waders, please ensure that you order a boot at least 1.5 sizes larger than your normal shoe size.

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  • Size: UK 7 - 13
  • Colour: 2-Tone Taupe
  • Weight: 1310g / 46oz (Per pair)
  • Combi Studded Felt / Rubber Sole

Everything the serious angler would hope to find in a top-quality wading boot. The rugged construction combines a 1200D nylon material with a PU synthetic nubuck to provide maximum support and protection. The reinforced rush rubber toe cap and heel provide additional support, and helps protect the uppers to avoid chafe on rocks.

One of the biggest problems with all makes of wading boots is soles becoming detached. This can be due to many causes, but the most common, is the sole coming away around the toe, due to stubbing against rocks, which wading boots have to endure. This Snowbee design solves this problem in a simple, unique way. By re-shaping the rubber mid-sole in the toe area, it allows the sole to sweep up, hence avoiding rocks and pebbles when wading or walking in rough terrain.