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Spectre® Spey & Switch Rods + Classic Salmon Spey & Switch Rods 

Spectre Spey & Switch Rods 
Following on from the success of the Spectre Spey rod range, it was inevitable that there would follow a Spey & Switch range to replace the old Diamond² models. 
With stated Optimum Head Weights (OHW) in grams and grains, these reflect the ideal loading weight of the rod... or ‘Sweet Spot’ when the weight forward line head is fully extended from the rod tip. For a perfectly balanced outfit, match the Spectre Spey to a specific head weight from our range of Snowbee 3-D Spey and Scandinavian Spey lines. 
Spectre Spey Rod with Spectre Fly Reel 10022-23 Spectre Spey Reel-Seat
10022-23 Spectre Spey Reel-Seat 
New, improved Tri-Modulus carbon blanks 
Portuguese cork handles 
Quality cotton drill rod bags 
Cordura rod tubes 
5 & 6-pce blanks for travel convenience 
Original Purchaser Lifetime Guarantee. 
10022-23 Spectre Spey - Stripper Ring
10022-23 Spectre Spey - Stripper Ring 
10022 Spectre Spey 13ft #8/9 (6 pce) 
An all-round small to medium river Spey rod with an improved and more responsive action. This rod performs superbly in tight spaces, throws a great long-line when required and most importantly makes light of any small to medium river situation. The 13ft model excels in a range of conditions and is ideal when used with short head profile lines, like our Scandinavian Spey lines  
10023 Spectre Spey 14ft #9/10 (6 pce) 
Replicates the performance and attributes of the award winning 14ft Diamond² that it replaces but in a 6-pce blank to provide the perfect travel rod. The most popular and perhaps the optimum all-round Spey rod configuration, the 14’ #9/10, when teamed up with our matching 2D line and/or optional multi-tips, is ready for any situation. Its light weight, plus its powerful, progressive action, takes the art of double handed Spey casting to a new level. 
Spectre® Switch Rods 
10026 Spectre Switch 10ft 6ins #7 (5 pce) 
A great all-round rod ideally suited to smaller rivers as well as on stillwaters, where increasing numbers of anglers are using Switch rods, from the shore or boat. A crisp, responsive action allowing effortless casting distance and accuracy plus the 5-pce blanks make this rod easily portable. Works perfectly with the short head 350 grain Snowbee Switch line or the 20g Scandinavian Spey, providing a full range of fishing styles in all conditions. Perfect for salmon, trout and sea trout. 
10027 Spectre Switch 11ft #8 
The big brother of the #7wt. Designed for medium to larger rivers and bigger target fish and flies, where a step-up in line weight is required and allows extra distance even in a stiff breeze. An ideal rod for sea-trout and salmon, particularly in heavily tree-lined areas, where use of longer traditional Spey rods would prove difficult. Works perfectly with our 400 grain Switch line, or the 24g Scandinavian Spey line, where the slightly longer heads offer more versatility. A short poly-coated leader is often applied, providing even greater fl y control in a wide variety of situations. 

Classic Salmon Spey & Switch Rods 

10673 Classic Switch 11ft #7 + Tube
10671 Classic Spey 13ft #8/9 (4 pce) 
A great all round small to medium river Spey rod, with a crisp, responsive action. Best matched to our shorter head line profiles like our Scandinavian or 1D Spey lines 
10672 Classic Spey 14ft #9/10 (4 pce) 
Designed for larger rivers where more distance and power are needed. Provides a smooth, progressive action particularly when teamed up with our Classic Spey Lines or our 2D Spey line. 

Classic Salmon Switch Rod 

10673 Classic Switch 11ft #7 (4 pce) 
A great all-round switch rod, suited to both smaller rivers and stillwaters but with enough power to handle larger rivers and fi sh. Perfectly matched with our 350grain #6/7 Classic or Prestige Switch lines for effortless, day-long casting. 

Classic 'Switch' Fly Lines 

CSWF Classic Switch Fly Lines 
For the budget conscious angler, at last by popular demand a Classic Switch line in exactly the same profile as the popular XS Switch, but in a 105ft/35yd overall length and in single Ivory colour and just two weight options. This new line will manage and turnover small or larger flies and is ideal on small to medium sized rivers. Add one of our 5ft poly-coated leaders in a range of densities for the perfect presentation whatever the water level. 
Available in 350grain #6/7 & 400grain #7/8 

Snowbee ‘Switch’ Fly Lines 

A long shallow front taper provides a smooth energy transfer for controlled and accurate presentation. Switch lines are ideally fished with a Snowbee Poly-Coated Leader, allowing different fishing depths, depending on the density used. A short, steep rear taper compresses the weight into the head where it’s needed and connects smoothly to a fine diameter, continuous running line for minimum friction and maximum shootability. 
SF350 Snowbee Switch Floating Fly Line
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