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Float Tubing 

19450 Classic Float Tube Kit 
Incorporating the latest thinking in Float Tube design, the twin-tube ‘V-Boat’ style, has the tubes swept up to form a bow, providing less resistance and far easier passage through the water, whilst maintaining great stability. Weighing in at just 4.5kg (10lb), our Float Tube can be easily ‘back-packed’ with the shoulder straps provided, for effortless hiking up to hill lochs and reservoirs. 
Tough 600D nylon top panels 
Black bottom panels so as not to spook the fish 
Quick-release stabiliser bar across the front, with quick-release retainer strap to front of seat 
Packs down smaller for storage and transportation 
Mesh bow storage area for ‘wet storage’ 
Mesh line tray with quick release Velcro attachments for easy exit 
Fish measure scale on line tray 
Velcro rod storage tabs on each side and across rear of tubes for safe storage of spare rods 
Adjustable and removable backpacking straps 
Inflatable seat and back-rest cushions, for comfort and security 
Two accessory D-Rings each side 
Twin durable welded PVC bladders with top quality one-way valves 
Carry handle at bow 
Improved ‘double-line’ welding of the bladders, to prevent leaks 
Backrest storage pocket with fluorescent safety panel 
19450 Classic Float Tube Kit
We are confident we have the best float tubes on the market. Winning design and amazing value for money 
What’s in the kit? 
Our Classic Float Tube comes as a complete kit – float tube, flippers, 
dual-action pump and sturdy carry bag for storage and transport. 
Maximum recommended user weight 18 stone (115kg) 
Inflated size: 140cm x 107cm 
Weight: Float tube 4.5kg (10lb); Complete kit 6.5kg (14lb). 
Items also available separately. 
19450 Classic Float Tube Kit
19451 Float Tube Flippers 
Available separately, a tough pair of purpose designed, lightweight flippers for use with any float tube. The extra wide padded heel support and three quick-release, adjustable webbing straps, allow them to be worn over wading boots, while the large flexible fins allow effortless propulsion of the tube. One size fits all. 
Classic Float Tube Kit 
Float Tube Flippers. 
Float Tube – Left Bladder (GREEN ) 
Float Tube – Right Bladder (RED) 
Float Tube – Backrest Bladder 
Float Tube – Seat Bladder 
19451 Float Tube Flippers
Classic Float Tube Kit 
Float Tube Flippers. 
Float Tube – Left Bladder (GREEN)  
Float Tube – Right Bladder (RED)  
Float Tube – Backrest Bladder 
Float Tube – Seat Bladder 
19097 Line Winder with vacuum suction base 
Not a new idea, but our new Line Winder features a vacuum bass with a strong suction lever, so it will grip firmly to any flat surface. Suitable for loading ALL types of line or backing line onto fly, multiplier or spinning reels. The extra-long aluminium stem will hold all sizes of line spool, including bulk spools while the tapered aluminium cones hold spools securely and prevent 'spool wobble', whilst loading. Double spring tension allows adjustment to the line tension as you wind lines onto reel. 
19097 Line Winder
19097 Line Winder
19449 Rig / Trace Wallet 
As you’d expect from Snowbee, our new Rig / Trace wallet is a bit different! 12 heavy duty, clear trace pouches in 2 sets of 6, held in place with a neat Velcro spine. 
Easily removable and extra sets can be added, or removed as required, so you can keep different rigs in each set and only take what you need. 
Colour: Royal Blue / Black 
Size: 10” x 7” 

Zingers & Snips 

19091 Prestige Zinger 
A top quality Zinger with a satin finish alloy case. Fitted with an 18” plastic covered wire cord and a stainless steel accessory clip. Attached with a sturdy safety pin. 
19098 Heavy-duty Wading Staff Zinger 
Our heavy duty zinger has a strong retractor Spring & can be used with large landing nets, as well as wading staffs. An aluminium carabiner clip to attach to D-Rings, while the 70cm long, plastic-covered wire cord has a split-ring attachment, so a wading staff or landing net is always attached to you. 
19093 Heavy-duty Wading Staff Zinger 
Manufactured to our own exclusive design, our heavy duty zinger can be used with large nets, such as Salmon Gye nets, as well as wading staffs. The 54” Kevlar cord can be locked at any position, so a wading staff or landing net is always attached to you, but at a convenient distance. 
19074 Prestige Aluminium Priest 
A unique new design made from cast aluminium, with a weighted head and anodised to a rich metallic olive green colour, with the Snowbee logo. Rubber handle for grip. Plus wrist lanyard. 
19438-6.5 Fishing Forceps 
Drop forged stainless steel forceps, finished in an anti-rust nickel finish. Non-slip flexible paint-dipped handles with adjustable locking bar.  
Length 6½" 
19438-8.5 Fishing Forceps 
Drop forged stainless steel forceps, finished in an anti-rust nickel finish. Non-slip flexible paint-dipped handles with adjustable locking bar.  
Length 8½" 
19439 Braid Line Scissors 
Stainless steel construction, with serrated cutting edge, to grip and hold even fine braid or any type of line, for easy non-slip cutting. Soft moulded grips. 
Length 5.½“ 
19437 Fishing Clippers 
Stainless steel construction with a razorsharp cutting edge. The larger 'thumb bar' makes for easy use, even with gloves on. Comes with a line-pick and cutting knife. 
19436 Stainless Snips 
A quality pair of stainless steel snips, equipped with an eye needle and a knot-tying tool, which will double as a simple disgorger. Ultra sharp blades will cut cleanly through any size leader material. The flat-ground cutting edge means these snips can be re-sharpened on a stone. 

Filleting and Gutting Knives 

Equally, there is nothing worse than hacking away with a blunt, second rate knife – a quality knife simply makes all the difference and every fishing bag or kitchen should have one! 
Our range of knives offer superior performance coupled with great value for money. All the blades are forged in 420 grade stainless steel for flexibility, razor-sharp edge and long life. 
* (Please Note: Knives are a product requiring proof of age before purchase and are therefore not available 'online' except to the card holder, with the card registered at the same address. Please refer to the 'Find a Dealer' section on the 'Home Page' for your nearest retail stockist or call the sales office us on 01752 334933 for details)  
A quality glove made from a cut-resistant stainless steel core, wrapped with an interwoven polyester and vinyl material, provides a firm grip on any slippery fish or meat, to reduce accidental cut damage. Stain and moisture resistant, they are dishwasher and washing machine-safe. Can be worn on left or right hand. 
Sizes: S/M or L/XL 
19310 7” Filleting Knife 
An innovative new filleting knife, with a quality 4116 grade German stainless steel blade, treated with hard, Chartreuse surface coating. On the back of the blade is a fish scaler, plus a safety blade. The PP plastic sheath, has a knife handle lock for safety and an ingenious cut-out, allowing you to cut braid or mono, using the rear ‘safety blade’ without removing the sheath. A rugged PP plastic handle with TPR Rubber section for extra grip, even when wet. (£14.99)  
19310 7” Filleting Knife
* See Note Above 
19317 7” Prestige Filleting Knife 
7” one-piece forged s/s blade, bolster and tang for extra strength. Genuine Pakka wood handle and leather sheath. (£17.99) 
19317 7" Filleting Knife
* See Note Above 
19312 Knife & Hook Sharpener 
A quality Knife Sharpener designed to cover all your sharpening requirements. Rugged moulded construction, with finger ‘grips’ on handle and a rubber base pad, to hold sharpener in place, during use. There are twin Tungsten Carbide sharpening blades, for all knives, plus a grooved, stainless carbide hook sharpener on the end. 
19102 Filleting Board 
A unique filleting board, with a strong spring-loaded clamp built-in. Will firmly grip the jaws or tail of the fish, to prevent it sliding away. Makes cleaning and filleting any fish a breeze. Wipe clean PE board, with ‘grip’ finish and non-slip pads underneath. 
Size: 18" x 7" 

Smoker Cooker 

Over the centuries, the smoking technique has been refined and we now have two basic smoking methods, Cold Smoking, as used for Salmon, where the food is only smoked, but not cooked; and Hot Smoking, where the cooking and smoking process take place together. 
Snowbee has been making its famous Smoker/Cooker for over 20 years and in all that time, little has changed in this superb design. manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel to provide many years of smoking service. Many have attempted to copy our original design but beware of cheaper imitations, which use inferior material and are not truly 'stainless'.  
As our motto says...'Buy well - buy once'. Insist on the best - insist on Snowbee! 
Complete with stand, two fuel pans with heat adjustment, cooking pan, lid with adjustable smoke vent, drip tray and grill. Packs away neatly inside its own stand for convenient storage. Quick and efficient hot smoking of fish, meats, poultry etc., cooks AND smokes in one process, so smoked fish is ready in as little as 15 minutes. Uses methylated spirit fuel (not supplied). 
Size: 16½”x 10½”x 4½”  
19011-B Replacement Burners x 2 - Buy Online > 
NEW Snowbee Smoking Dust flavours: 
In addition to our popular English Oak Smoking Dust, we have now introduced 4 exciting new wood “flavours” for both the Smoker and the BBQ. 
All our Smoker Dusts are 100% natural and sustainably sourced, ensuring you get the best smoke flavour, every time! Suitable for both Hot & Cold Smokers, or for use on the BBQ. 
Always use hardwoods for smoking. Steer clear of softwoods, such as Pine etc., as these resinous woods produce an acrid smoke, giving an unpleasant flavour. 
For both Hot & Cold smoking, all our smoke dusts can be used dry, straight from the bag. However, for hot smoking, you can also soak the dust in warm water for 20 mins, then strain before use, which gives a mellow, longer lasting smoke production. 
For use on the BBQ, all our Smoker Dusts can be used dry, straight from the bag & sprinkled over the hot coals, but again, soaking the dust first, will give a longer lasting smoke production. 
For use on gas BBQ’s, either of the above methods can be used, but place the dust in a “smoke box”, on top of the burner grills, which are readily available on-line. 
Special Offer: 
Why not experiment with your smoking & save 10% when you try all 5 flavours RRP £27.85 
19010-D English Oak Smoker Dust – 250g 
Top quality, kiln dried English oak dust, which gives a wonderful rich flavour to all smoked foods. Now conveniently packed in resealable bags of 250g – sufficient for 4 or 5 full smokings. 
The smoke dust is finer and burns more slowly than our earlier ‘chippings’ giving even more flavour. Try this on the barbecue to add a rich smokey flavour to all outdoor cooking. 
19010-D-AL Alder Smoker Dust – 250g 
A particular favourite in the Pacific Northwest of America, where it is widely used for smoking Salmon. This mild wood is the smoking dust of choice when a delicate, smoky flavour is required, hence perfect for salmon, sea-trout and most fish. The best choice with all kinds of seafood. 
19010-D-AP Apple Smoker Dust – 250g 
This fruitwood has a more complex, sweeter flavour than alder, but is still quite mild. Excellent for game, fish and poultry. Apple wood also works well when soaked in water then sprinkled over BBQ coals when grilling chicken or steaks. 
19010-D-HK Hickory Smoker Dust – 250g 
Hickory is a classic hardwood that provides a great depth of spicy flavour, without being harsh. A popular choice on the BBQ and the perfect choice when using BBQ sauce on pork ribs, chicken etc. 
19010-D-WH Whisky Oak Smoker Dust – 250g 
A new ‘twist’ on the traditional Oak Smoke Dust! Our popular Oak Smoker Dust, infused with Scotch Whisky! This combination provides the timeless classic aroma of Whisky, combined with the wonderful flavour of English Oak. The perfect choice for smoking all meats, plus cheese & vegetables! 
Add our famous ‘Spike- Sole’ and you have the ultimate boot for any occasion where deep wading is not required. Our Spike Sole consists of hardened steel spikes, set between deep rubber ‘cleats’ so they are able to ‘flex’, which is what gives them their outstanding grip. We haven’t yet found a surface this sole will not grip on – even ice! 
Available in Sizes: 6, 7 8, 10, 11 
Colour: Black with grey trim and red lining 
Simply fasten the Wader-Grips to your boots, for instant, extra grip. The thermoplastic rubber material is highly elastic, so they will stretch to fit a wide range of boot sizes. 
Ideal for anyone who has to walk long distances to their fishing, so wants cleated soles, but also requires extra grip in the river or reservoir bank, or rocky shoreline. 
Available in sizes:  
L – for all standard shoes, boots or waders up to size 9 (EU 43) 
XL – for all shoes, boots, wading boots, or waders from sizes 9-11 (EU 43–45) 
XXL – for all shoes, boots, wading boots, or larger waders and thermal boots, from sizes 11-15 (EU 45–50) 
19050 Boot Rack 
The simple solution to the problem of storing and drying waders or wellies; correct storage will also extend the life of your waders. Stores two pairs at a time. Rugged polypropylene construction. Screws to garage or tackle room wall with screws provided. 
19047 Wading Boot Felt-Sole Kit 
Specifically designed for replacing Felt-Soles on waders or wading boots. The one-piece felt sole is oversize to fit any size boot up to size 14. Simply cut down to fit smaller sizes. Includes adhesive,replacement felt-soles and full instructions.  
One size fits all. 
19059 Tungsten Wader Studs 
Super-hard, screw-in Wader Studs, with a 4-point Tungsten Carbide tip for the ultimate grip on slippery rocks & pebbles. The grade 304 stainless steel screw has high corrosion resistance, while the Tungsten Carbide head is 30% harder than the highest grade of hardened steel. Easily screwed in to boots or waders, with the Stud Tool provided. 
Pack of 20 
19060 Screw-In Wader Studs 
Super hard, zinc plated steel studs, give additional grip to felt or cleated sole waders. Our model has a deeper head for extra grip and longer wear-life. Easily screwed in with our optional Stud Socket or a Phillips screwdriver.  
Pack of 40 
19060-S Wader Stud socket 
A simple socket for fitting our Wader Studs. 
19385 Stripping Basket Line Spikes 
An optional extra for our Stripping Basket is this set of 10 plastic spikes, which fit into the top of the turrets. Not only do they stop water slopping up the turrets and filling the basket, but their soft, flexible construction helps tame fly line coils when shooting and reduces tangles. These will fit all brands of Stripping Basket of this same design. 
Set of 10 
No-Knot Fas-Snaps 
These ingenious links allow quick and easy changes of fly or lure, without the constant need for tying knots. Simply tie one onto the tip or dropper and change flies very easily. Particularly suitable for droppers, as you don’t ‘shorten-up’ the dropper every time you change a fly. Equally suitable in the larger size for quick change of plugs or lures when spinning.  
Packs of 5 
Available in 3 sizes for all types of flies or lures: 
Medium – for fly sizes 18 – 12 (Bronze finish) 
Large – for fly sizes 12 – 8 (Bronze finish) 
X-Large – for large saltwater flies plus all sizes of lures or plugs (Nickel finish) 
No-Knot Fas Snaps 
No-Knot Fas Snaps 
No-Knot Fas Snaps 
No-Knot Fas Snaps 
No-Knot Fas Snaps 
No-Knot Fas Snaps 
No-Knot Fas-Snaps
Use the clips as the ultimate wader gravel guard clip – far better than a lacing hook and guaranteed never to come undone. Use these clips to attach accessories to fly vest or wading jacket D-rings. Made from high strength spring alloy steel, with a hard, black outer finish electrically applied to ensure corrosion resistance. 
Pack of 2. Size: 1½” x 5/8” 
FT-L Fish Tube – Large 
Lay-flat tubing for packing, transporting or freezing your catch. The tough 250 gauge polythene, will not split and it comes in two convenient sizes. Simply tie a knot in the end of tube, insert the fish head-first, cut tube to length, allowing sufficient to knot the other end, squeeze out the air, knot the end and it’s ready for freezing. 
FT-L Fish Tube - Large. Suitable for large trout, salmon and larger saltwater species. 
12" wide x 10m long 
FT-M Fish Tube – Medium 
40% Saving 
Lay-flat tubing for packing, transporting or freezing your catch. The tough 250 gauge polythene, will not split and it comes in two convenient sizes. Simply tie a knot in the end of tube, insert the fish head-first, cut tube to length, allowing sufficient to knot the other end, squeeze out the air, knot the end and it’s ready for freezing. 
Suitable for Trout, Sea-Trout and smaller saltwater species.  
8” wide x 10m long 
FT-M Fish Tube – Medium
40% Saving Buy Online > 
19078 Magnetic Net Release 
Our heavy-duty Magnetic Net Release has a magnet strength of an impressive 4kg, so is ideal for larger sea-trout or even smaller salmon nets. It comes with split rings for attachment and an elasticated cord to keep you connected. 
19078 - Magnetic Strength: 1.5kg 

Wader Repair & Adhesives 

The new range of Stormsure products, covers every possible type of wader, boot and clothing repair or adhesive application. 
SST Stormsure Adhesive 
The original adhesive and sealant for all types of repair in waders, boots and just about anything else you can think of. We even use this to re-stick felt soles! 
Available in either 1 x 15g or 3 x 5g tubes 
SST-AG5 Stormsure Angler’s Glue Pen 
A fast-acting super-glue, but in a convenient 'pen' for easy application on the river bank or the fly-tying bench.  
5ml pen. 
SST-BWR Stormsure Boot, Shoe & Wader Repair Kit 
A convenient repair kit for all types of waders or boots. 
Kit contains 2 x 75mm Tuff patches, plus 1 x 5ml tube Stormsure adhesive, for all applications. 
SST-PRK Stormsure Pocket Puncture Repair Kit 
A neat little pocket repair kit 
Kit contains 12 mini self-adhesive 25mm diameter Tuff patches, plus a small metal scuffer to abrade the surface. 
SST-AG10 Stormsure Angler’s Glue 
This Cyanoacrylate based super-glue bonds in seconds and can be applied to a multitude of fishing applications, binding all types of materials, fly dressings, leaders, rod whippings etc. 
10ml bottle. 
SST-TT6 Stormsure Tu -Tape Kit (6 patches) 
New from Stormsure – tough, self adhesive, clear PVC patches, providing quick and easy repair to waders, jackets, boots etc. Stick to just about anything, even when wet! 
4 x 2cm and 1 x 5cm diameter patches, 
plus 1 x 8.4 x 2.8cm rectangular patch. 
SST-TT12 Stormsure Tuff -Tape Kit (12 patches) 
The same as the 6-Patch Kit, but with a larger selection of patches for longer tears or seam leaks. 
2 x 7.8 x 4.5cm, 2 x 16.5 x 2.2cm, 
2 x 4.5 x 4.5cm, 4 x 2 x 4cm, 1 x 9.2 x 2.5cm and 
1 x 9.2 x 4cm patches. 
SST-SP250 Stormsure Stormproof DWR Spray 
This water based, air-dry proofer and re-proofing spray is easy and quick to use and requires no ‘pre or post treatment’. Just clean the fabric of any dirt or mud, apply and allow to dry. Turns any fabric waterproof, by applying a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to the surface. Ideal for re-proofing any garment, waders, tent, bivvy or umbrella, which has started to leak. 
250ml spray bottle. 
SST-LD Stormsure Leak-Detector (for breathable fabrics) 
Leak-Detector will find those annoying little pin-prick leaks in breathable fabric quickly. Simply pump-spray the Leak-Doctor over the suspect area and any leaks will appear as small, dark patches in no time. Quickly repaired with Snowbee Suncure, Stormsure or our Pocket Repair Kit, to get you back fishing fast! 
30ml Spray Bottle 
SSC Snowbee Suncure Wader Repair 
A revolutionary material EXCLUSIVE to Snowbee that transforms wader repair! A flexible, clear repair material cured by UV light. Suncure is totally cured in 15 seconds (in high UV conditions). With Snowbee Suncure a lost day's fishing due to damaged or leaking waders is a thing of the past! 

Fly & Line Dressings 

SLSK Snowbee Line Slick 
A silicon based fly line lubricant, which reduces friction and resistance through the rings, allowing faster line speed at all times. Helps protect fly lines from damage and the effects of harmful chemicals. 
SFLD Snowbee Fly-Line Degreaser 
Our fly line degreaser is based on an industrial product used to remove greasy film on sheet metal. It highly effectively removes all traces of silicone or grease, allowing the fly line to cut quickly through the surface film. 
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