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Spectre RMX Saltwater Fly Rod 
10019 Spectre Saltwater/Predator RMX Fly Rod 9’ #8 
With the ever increasing popularity of saltwater, carp and pike fly fishing we have included a Saltwater Predator model to the Spectre range. This is not just the standard rod with a different logo! Purpose-designed for the requirements of these fly fishing disciplines, the blanks have steeper tapers and thicker wall profiles to handle the larger, more powerful fish likely to be encountered. Brushed aluminium-finish reel seat and high chrome guides, make the Spectre SP stand out from the crowd! 
10019 Spectre Saltwater/Predator Fly Rod 9' #8
10019 Spectre Saltwater/Predator RMX Fly Rod 9' #8 

Geo-S Salmon & Saltwater Fly Reel 

By popular demand, 2019 sees the return of our amazing Geo-S fly reels. The design brief was for a range of reels, with which the world’s fly fishers could take on the best that the largest rivers and widest oceans could throw at them… and win! 
This 'stacked drag disc' system is similar to that used in our original XS reels made by British Fly Reels all those years ago, in that some discs are 'locked' and some are free to rotate at their own speed. This not only allows for an ultra-smooth start up when a fish takes, with the drag discs all starting at their own speed, but the multi-surface drag provides a class-leading 46.5cm2 of drag surface area! Hard anodised in 'satin silver' for total chip and corrosion resistance. 
Geo-S Salmon & Saltwater Fly Reel
10598 Geo-S fly reel #1012 
CNC machined from Aerospace grade A6061-T6 aluminium 
Milled frame and spool for ultra-light weight 
Large arbor design for faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory 
Hard anodised finish for total saltwater and chip resistance 
Multi-disc, sealed, saltwater resistant centre drag system 
Easy left to right hand conversion 
One-way roller clutch bearing plus sealed drag bearing 
All stainless steel internal parts 
Quick release spool 
Tippet retaining O-ring on spool counter-balance. 
Geo-S Salmon & Saltwater Fly Reel
10597 Geo-S Fly Reel #810 
The perfect choice for lighter line salmon or sea-trout matched with the smaller Spey rods, or perfect on Switch rods. Equally at home saltwater fly fishing for bonefish, jacks, permit or smaller tarpon, or for throwing big flies at monster pike closer to home. 
Weight 295g (10.4oz) 
Diameter 4.1” / 105 mm 
Capacity WF10 + 200yd 30lb Braid 
10597-SP NEW - Spare Spool for Geo-S Fly Reel #810 - Buy Online > 
10597 NEW Geo-S Fly Reel #810 - Buy Online > 
10598 Geo-S Fly Reel #1012 
The 1012 model has a class-leading line capacity which will comfortably swallow a long-belly spey line with ample backing to spare. Whether your target species is Atlantic or Pacifi c salmon on the fastest of rivers, sailfi sh and tuna on the world’s oceans, or monster tarpon in tropical mangroves, this powerful reel will cope comfortably with it’s amazing drag system delivering up to 6.5kg (14lb) of drag. 
Weight 325g (11.5oz) 
Diameter 4.5” / 114 mm 
Capacity 2D 11/12 + 300yd 30lb Braid 
10598-SP NEW - Spare Spool for Geo-S Fly Reel #1012 - Buy Online > 
Snowbee Geo-S #1012 Salmon & Saltwater Fly Reel
10598 Geo-S Fly Reel #1012 NEW - Buy Online > 
'Spectre' Fly Reels 
The multi-disc cork and stainless steel centre drag, offers superb performance, with minimal startup inertia, while the large arbor design allows faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory. 
The stainless steel main spindle coupled with the one-way roller clutch bearing, provides instant drag control, when that ‘smash take’ catches you by surprise. 
Extra hard paint finish for salt-water and chip resistance, quick release spool and easy left to right hand conversion, makes the Spectre the perfect choice, for long, untroubled fishing use.The extended range covers all requirements from the smallest brook fishing up to salmon, sea trout and saltwater. Complete with a Neoprene reel case, this range offers unmatched performance coupled with value for money. 
Precision CNC machined from high grade aluminium bar stock 
Ultra lightweight design for better rod/reel balance 
Large arbor design for faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory 
Extra hard paint finish for salt-water and chip resistance 
Multi-disc cork and stainless steel centre drag system 
Easy left to right hand conversion 
One-way roller clutch bearing 
Stainless steel main spindle 
Easy release spool 
Complete with Neoprene reel case for protection. 
Spectre #10/11
10550 Spectre Fly Reel #9/10 
Our Spectre #9/10 offers the salmon or saltwater angler a quality reel with ample backing capacity and enough ‘stopping power’ to handle anything you may come across. 
Colour: Black 
Weight: 171g 
Diameter: 4.1”/105mm 
10550SP - Spare Spool for Spectre Fly Reel #9/10 - Buy Online > 
10551 Spectre Fly Reel #10/11 
The Spectre #10/11 is the perfect choice for the Salmon angler fishing big rivers with big lines. Capable of holding a full #10/11 Spey line plus 300yds of backing. Equally suited to heavy Saltwater fishing. 
Colour: Black 
Weight: 255g 
Diameter: 4.5”/115mm 
10551SP - Spare Spool for Spectre Fly Reel #10/11 - Buy Online > 

Snowbee XS Euro Saltwater Fly Lines 

With the growth in saltwater fly fishing around our shores for bass, pollack, wrasse and even mackerel, we thought it time to introduce a range of fly-lines designed specifically for the purpose. The new XS Euro Saltwater lines are designed specifically for temperate climes, where the harder, temperature resistant Tropics lines are not required. This allows us to use our normal coating mix, for a super-slick finish and memory-free performance. The Floating and Intermediate models have a long 44ft head, with a fine 76ft running line. The fast-sink model has a short 30ft head, joining a fine 90ft running line. All three outperform conventional lines and allow you to reach those far structures, or the breaker-line, where predatory fish are holding. 
ESW Snowbee XS Euro Saltwater Fly Lines
ESW-F XS Euro Saltwater – Floating 
Colours: Blue/Dk.Blue 
Sink Rate: Floating 
Line Range: #7 & #8 
ESW-I XS Euro Saltwater – Intermediate 
Colours: Mustard/Brown 
Sink Rate: 1.5–2 ips 
Line Range: #7 & #8 
ESW-FS XS Euro Saltwater – Fast-Sink 
Colours: Charcoal/Blue 
Sink Rate: 5–6 ips 
Line Range: #7 & #8 

XS-Plus Tropics Saltwater Fly Lines 

Saltwater fly lines covering all the options required by the progressive saltwater fly fisher. 
By careful manipulation of our ‘Nano Technology’ coating material, we have developed a new coating which is harder than usual, to withstand the rigours of the saltwater environment, but more importantly, retains its characteristics, even in the searing heat of the tropics, or on the hot deck of a flats skiff. This allows us to retain a core line, which ensures the supple, memory-free properties, customers have come to know and expect from a Snowbee fly line. This also makes the new range ideal for temperate climates, when fishing for striped or European bass. 
TSWP-F Tropics Floating ‘Presentation' Line 
A floating line with a longer head and extended tapers, designed for smaller flies and precise presentation. The ideal line when ‘sight fishing’ for bonefish, permit, jacks etc., where a smooth and quiet ‘lay-down’ of the fly is essential. The colour change at the back of the head, notifies the precise shoot point, which together with the fine running line makes distance casting effortless. 
Colour: Lt.Blue/Aqua 
Sizes: #7 - #10 
Sink Rate: Floating 
TSWBF-F Tropics Floating 'Big Fly' Line 
Short, steep tapers and a short head designed for turning over big flies in confined spaces. Ideal when fishing big flies in amongst mangroves, or overhanging vegetation for tarpon, or any ‘open water’ application where big flies are essential. A colour change for the running line notifies the precise shoot point when longer casts are required. 
Colour: Aqua/Dk.Blue 
Sizes: #8 - #12 
Sink Rate: Floating 
TSWS-ST Tropics ‘Spectre’ Line 
For a more ‘stealthy’ approach the ‘Spectre’ line has the same long head profile as our Presentation line, for delicate presentation. A floating head and running- line, with a 12ft clear intermediate tip. The 2-2.5ips tip will take flies down deeper, without spooking the quarry. 
Colour: Clear/Aqua 
Sizes: #7 - #12 
Sink Rate: 2-2.5ips 
TSWDC-FS Tropics 'Depth Charge' Line 
When you need to get down deep and fast with either short or long casts, our new Tropics ‘Depth-Charge’ delivers on all counts. The short, shooting head profile and fine running line, will punch through a stiff wind effortlessly, whilst the 5-6 ips fast-sink head will get your fly down fast, to the ‘strike zone’. The colour change at the back of the head, notifies the precise 'shoot point' making distance casting effortless. 
Colour: Graphite/Aqua 
Sizes: #8 - #12 
Sink Rate: 5-6ips 

Saltwater Fly Selections 

Sea Trout, Salmon and Surf 
These selections offer a range of uncomplicated, modern patterns in striking colours and designs, plus a few of the old faithful, like the traditional Scottish salmon patterns in popular hook sizes. The salmon singles are tied on a selection of traditional black and modern nickel silver hooks whilst the sea trout patterns need no introduction either. These are a simple, select range of the most popular traditional sea trout patterns plus a modern card containing stinger trebles on wake flies, which when testing, accounted for some great fishing and all have a unique habit of going savagely ‘bump’ in the night! Finally, there is a small card of popular Bass Deceiver patterns for prospecting off the shore for that most illustrious of saltwater predators. 
No. of Flies 
Sea Trout Hunter 
Night Raider Sea Trout 
Salmon Flame Singles 
Bass Hunters 
Saltwater / Predator Selections 
Our Saltwater/Predator selections offer the destination fisher and those ‘fishing the salt’ nearer to home a great range of patterns to tempt any predatory fish from bonefish and tarpon to hard fighting bass and pollack. Be ready to ‘hangon’ though as our predator patterns, tied from traditional and modern synthetics for light casting, might just be about to catch a toothy critter more than you bargained for! Also included is a mixed selection containing some mobile and light casting pike flies plus a full ‘weed less’ card, for that stealthy presentation amongst the snags. 
No. of Flies 
Bait Fish Specials 
Surf Deceivers 
Predator II 
Predator II (Weedless) 

Fly Boxes & Wallets 

14762 Waterproof Salmon/Saltwater/Lure Box 
This new, innovative fly/lure box covers a multitude of uses. Moulded in tough, crack-proof ABS plastic, with a clear lid for easy fly identification. Single-sided to allow it to accommodate deep flies, it is fitted with a long-slit ethafoam base making it ideal for large salmon, pike and saltwater flies, but equally suitable for small spinners such as ‘Flying-C’s’ or Mepps. There are 11 rows of 4 x 1” slots, providing plenty of storage space. A simple spring latch mechanism holds the lid securely when closed. 
Weight: 97g/3½ oz. 
14762 Waterproof Salmon/Saltwater/Lure Box
14762 Waterproof Salmon/Saltwater/Lure Box
14762 Waterproof Salmon/Saltwater/Lure Box
Ideal for large salmon, pike and saltwater flies,  
but equally suitable for small spinners such as ‘Flying-C’s’ or Mepps. 
14748 Tube Fly Box 
A Tube Fly Box based on our Waterproof body moulding, but featuring open compartments both sides, to hold a full range of tube flies, trebles, Waddington Shanks etc., in one neat box. 
7 compartments one side, including 2 full length compartments for long tube flies and 9 smaller compartments the other. 
Imagine how many conventional fly boxes you would need for that! These sets of bags are removable, so you can keep spare sets, pre-filled with flies for different species. On the front of the wallets is a mesh pocket for tools, leaders etc. There is a belt loop to carry on the waist, or a clip to attach to any convenient D-ring. Perfect for fly-tying materials too. 
Saltwater Fly Wallets
19443 Saltwater Fly Wallet - Large 
Available in two sizes, Small(19444) and Large(19443) these wallets are ideal for easy and secure storage of feathers and fly tying materials or for larger flies used for Saltwater and Predator fishing. Spare insert bags available. 
Colour: Navy Blue / Black 
19443 Large: 9½"x6"x2" 
19443-B Insert bags Large set of 6 - Buy Online > 
19444 Saltwater Fly Wallet - Small 
Available in two sizes, Small(19444) and Large(19443) these wallets are ideal for easy and secure storage of feathers and fly tying materials or for larger flies used for Saltwater and Predator fishing. Spare insert bags available. 
Colour: Navy Blue / Black 
19444 Small: 8"x5"x2" 
19444-B Insert Bags Small: Set of 6 - Buy Online > 
19449 Rig / Trace Wallet 
As you’d expect from Snowbee, our new Rig / Trace wallet is a bit different! 12 heavy duty, clear trace pouches in 2 sets of 6, held in place with a neat Velcro spine. 
Easily removable and extra sets can be added, or removed as required, so you can keep different rigs in each set and only take what you need. 
Colour: Royal Blue / Black 
Size: 10” x 7” 

Rucksack & Slingbag 

It leaves your ‘casting arm’ completely unrestricted, and when you want to access the bag, you don’t have to take it off. Simply unclip the side strap, sliding the bag around to the front. The pockets are cleverly designed to now be facing upwards for easy access. 
Colour: Olive Green/Black 
42 x 24 x 18cm overall 
28 x 24 x 13cm. Main compartment 
The main compartment is big enough to take your lunchbox, flask and waterproof for a day’s fishing, and if you need more room there’s a zipped expander panel to increase the volume. Inside there is a rear flap pocket, plus a front zipped mesh pocket for accessories. 
Colour: 2-tone Sage Green 
Size: 43 x 32 x 22cm 
Volume: 28 litres 

Saltwater Fly Fishing Accessories 

13240 Sun Gloves with Stripping Fingers 
Extreme sun protection, reinforced palm and extended stripping fingers. High density microfibre and Lycra back provides 50+ UPF. Synthetic suede leather palm has double reinforcing patches. 
Sold in pairs 
Colour: Stone/Grey 
Available in sizes S/M and L/XL. 
19381 Stripping Basket 
A new, hard plastic Stripping Basket so popular with saltwater and reservoir anglers. Lightweight, with adjustable waist belt and neck support strap. Tapered line control turrets in the base, to prevent fly lines tangling. 
19385 Stripping Basket Line Spikes 
An optional extra for our Stripping Basket is this set of 10 plastic spikes, which fit into the top of the turrets. Not only do they stop water slopping up the turrets and filling the basket, but their soft, flexible construction helps tame fly line coils when shooting and reduces tangles. These will fit all brands of Stripping Basket of this same design. 
Set of 10 
19382 Line Tray 
The best line tray design on the market. Mesh base with a fold down base board which holds the tray open when in use and prevents water filling the tray from below and tangling the line, when deep wading or saltwater fly fishing. Folds flat against your body when not in use. Adjustable webbing belt with quick release buckles. Velcro pocket inside, to take leaders etc. 
19382 Line Tray
19382 Line Tray
19382 Line Tray
13050 Saltwater Neoprene Gravel Guards 
Designed specifically for saltwater wading, eliminating the conventional zip fastening, prone to jamming when wet wading on sand. The Velcro compatible material allows the gravel guard to wrap securely around your leg and secure in any position, completely preventing fine sand and gravel entering your wading boots. Lacing hook attaches to boots to hold them in place. 

Deep Blue Travel Spinning & Popping Rods 

Featuring a ‘Ring-Lock’ system, whereby the Zirconium ring liners, are locked in place, for protection. Lightweight ALPS machined aluminium reel seat and finished with ‘Deep Blue’ cross-whippings. 
10010 Deep Blue 'Titanium' Popping/Jigging Rod
The cleverly designed blank comes with 5 sections to provide two rods in one! In its 4-pce configuration, it is a powerful 8' 6" Popping Rod rated at PE 4-5 for lures of 100-150g (4-5oz), however we have many reports of fishing this with braid up to 80lb with far larger lures. Capable of taming anything from tail-walking tarpon, to giant GT’s heading for the coral! 
Lightweight ALPS reel seat
This powerful rod will easily throw large surface poppers and plugs, but has reserves of power ready for the unexpected! Remove the top two sections and fit them onto the additional ‘boat rod’ butt section supplied and it converts to a 3-pce 6' 6" 20-30lb class Jigging/Boat rod, ideal for anything from trolling for kingfish to deep water jigging. Packs down to 29” (74cm). 
10010 5-pce. 8ft 6in Line Weight: 100-115g / 6ft 6in Line Weight: 23-30lb 
Rod Weight: 320g/11.4oz 
Deep Blue ALPS 100% Titanium Guides
A great all rounder it is equally at home rock or pier fishing for larger UK species. Upgraded in 2016, in the same way as the Popping/Jigging rod, with the lightweight ALPS aluminium reel seat and 100% titanium guides - see below for details. 
10000 'Tarpon Inshore' Spinning Rod
Lightweight 9ft 4-pce blank 
Overlap joints for strength 
Fast taper provides a sensitive tip with plenty of reserve power down through the blank 
Packs down to 30” for travelling 
Finished in our ‘trademark’ deep blue colour 
Subtle, matching whippings 
Lightweight ALPS aluminium reel seats 
ALPS 100% titanium guides with 'Ring-Lock' zirconium rings 
Complete with quality cotton drill rod bag and tough, Cordura rod tube 
10000 4-pce. 9ft Line Weight: 60-100g - Rod Weight: 313g/11oz 
Kyle Waterhouse with a magnifi cent Bluefi n Trevally, caught on the Pacifi c coast of Panama, on a Snowbee Tarpon Spinning Rod.
Kyle Waterhouse with a magnificent Bluefin Trevally, caught on the Pacific coast of Panama, on a Snowbee Tarpon Spinning Rod. 
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