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19475 Aluminium Boat-Rod T-Belly 
A simple innovation that avoids the need for a cumbersome Butt Pad. Our Aluminium T-Belly clips to your belt, ready for action, when you need it. Just slide it onto the gimbal fitting of your boat rod and it evenly distributes the strain across your belly, or thigh. The round profile and foam sleeves, prevent bruising and make playing large fish so much easier. 
19479 Small Stainless Steel Push-Pull T-Hook 
For anyone unfamiliar with T-Bars they are probably the most useful tool for unhooking fish. Holding the leader in one hand, sliding the end hook of the T-Bar down to the hook and then pulling down on the leader, turns the hook and allows you to use the fish’s own weight, to pull the hook free. Unlike many T-Bars on the market, ours feature a ‘push-hook’ on the back. If the hook has been taken down deep, the ‘pushhook’ allows you to push the hook out backwards, then with a quick twist of the wrist, the hook is turned and can be drawn out safely. Our two models are effective on any size of fish, from mackerel to monster conger. 
3mm 304 grade Stainless Rod with Pouch 
19140 Disgorger 
Our purpose-designed disgorger quickly and easily removes all types of hooks, with minimal handling of the fish, making it the ideal tool for ‘catch & release’. The unique head design allows ‘pushing’, as well as ‘pulling’ on hooks, perfect for removing treble lure hooks. 
Stainless steel hook removal tool 
Non-slip, moulded 
handle for grip 
Fitted with a large split-ring for attachment 
to D-rings, clips or zingers 
Length: 9.5” / 24cm 
19062 Sea-Boom Multi-Kit 
Being avid boat fishermen, we have always been disappointed by the quality & design of booms available – so we designed our own! Our new, versatile Boom-Kit consisting of two short ledger booms, plus 4, ‘cut-to length’ long booms. Push these into the short booms to convert them instantly to 10” Wreck/Reef Booms. Complete with heavy duty S/S lead clips. 

Filleting and Gutting Knives 

19314 6” Gutting / Bait Knife 
6” stainless steel blade, rubber handle and nylon sheath. 
(Please Note: Knives are a product requiring proof of age before purchase and are therefore not available 'On Line'. Please refer to the 'Find a Dealer' section on the 'Home Page' for your nearest retail stockist ) 
The single lined neoprene has a non-slip rubber finish on the underside to grip a boat’s rail. The outer surface is Velcro compatible, so the rod holder will grip on any size rail, up to 1.5”. A simple Velcro tab locks your valuable rod in position and there is a D-ring to attach a towel, or security lanyard. 
Lubricants - Oils & Greases 
ReelX Reel Lubricants 
Buying an expensive reel and then not lubricating it properly is like buying a Ferrari and not changing the oil! Any piece of precision engineering needs correct lubrication for maximum performance and to protect all bearing surfaces, to prolong its life. This new range of reel lubricants not only enhances your reel’s performance, but also prevents corrosion, to prolong your reel’s life. These ultra-high-tech lubricants, manufactured in Germany, are the latest generation, incorporating ‘molecular bonding’ technology, so they actually adhere to the metal surfaces, providinge ‘persistent lubrication’ and an impermeable barrier to saltwater, to eliminate corrosion. 
ReelX - SO 
An extreme pressure reel oil, with a wide operating temperature range, making it ideal for high speed reels, such as beachcasters and long distance fixed spool reels. 
Size: 30ml 
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