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Trout Fisherman review 
Trout & Salmon Magazine Autumn 2014 
Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Autumn 2014 
Snowbee XS Leader material on test, recently secured 'Tackle Testers Choice' in the July/August 2013 edition of Trout Fisherman:- 
Whenever using any leader material it is always important to know and tie your knots well, when using the new Snowbee leader materail it is just as important and with the high stretch Stealth material which has an exceptional knot strength using some knots, the advantage in the stretch can be wasted if the knots are not tied properly. The high stretch that makes this material quite unique, means that some simple knots like a blood knot may slip. Try using the 'JB knot' adjacent however if you find this situation and see how it compares. For attaching droppers and joining ones leader together a four turn water knot (Surgeans Knot) usually works very well too but everybody has their own particular favourites and its worth trying them before venturing out, as some dol work better than others, using different materials.Click on this text to edit it. 
JB Knot 
1. Pass leader through eye of the fly hook and then wet leader to hold both loops and ends together as you make the loop. 
2. Thread short end through loop three times. Gently pull on loose end holding loop together between finger and thumb as it gets smaller. 
3. Squeeze down fairly tight and then slide down to hook eye. Pull tight to set and check before trimming off loose end. 
No memory, no pig tailing and a very small knot, ideal for dry fly fishing, stronger and neater than many other knots too. 
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