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Wading Equipment & Accessories 

Stream-Trek and River-Trek Wading Boots 

A range of top quality wading boots combining grip, durability and light weight. 
Our design solves this problem in a simple, unique way. By re-shaping the rubber mid-sole in the toe area, it allows the sole to sweep up, hence avoiding rocks and pebbles when wading or walking in rough terrain. 
Re-shaped mid-sole 
One of the biggest problems with all makes of wading boots is soles becoming detached. This can be due to many causes, but the most common, is the sole coming away around the toe, due to the constant ‘stubbing’ against rocks, which wading boots have to endure. 
Replacing wader studs
Wader studs & key
Stream-Trek 13080-04 XS-Tra Grip Rubber Sole with Studs 
Our range combines all the features the serious angler would hope to find in a top-quality wading boot. The rugged construction combines a 1200D nylon material, with a PU synthetic Nubuck, to provide maximum support and protection. The reinforced rush rubber toe cap and heel, provide additional support and helps protect the uppers, to avoid chafe on rocks. 
Available in two sole options: Our popular XS-tra Grip Rubber sole with replaceable metal studs.....  
Sizes: 7, 12 Out of stock 
13080-04 XS-Tra Grip Rubber Sole with Studs
Stream-Trek 13080-07 Combi Studded Felt/Rubber Sole 
.....or our popular XS-tra Grip Rubber sole with replaceable metal studs or our combination felt sole. This unique sole has rubber toe and heel sections for extra wear plus studs built into the felt for additional grip. The felt sole is not only stitched right through the mid-sole, but is also cut at an angle front and back, neatly ‘dovetailed’ under the toe and heel pads, to ensure the felt cannot become detached from the boots. 
Both models are coloured: Two-Tone Taupe 
Available in sizes: 8 - 13 
13080-07 Combi Studded Felt/Rubber Sole
Boot Size 
Stream -Trek XS-Tra Grip Rubber Sole  
with Studs 
8, 9, 10, 11, 13 
Stream-Trek Combi Studded Felt/Rubber Sole 
7 - 13 
Boot Laces (68") Black / Grey 
Boot Laces (68") 2-Tone Tan 
Wading Boot Felt-Sole Kit 
Boot Size 
Stream -Trek XS-Tra Grip Rubber Sole  
with Studs 
8, 9,10,11,13 
Stream - Trek Combi Studded Felt/Rubber Sole 
7 - 13 
Boot Laces (68") Black / Grey 
Boot Laces (68") 2-Tone Tan 
Wading Boot Felt-Sole Kit 

'Rockhopper' Boots 

With the huge increase in ‘rock-fishing’ for Bass, Pollack and Wrasse, our range of Rockhopper boots and accessories give you the edge! 
Our Spike Sole consists of hardened steel spikes, set between deep rubber ‘cleats’ so they are able to ‘flex’, which is what gives them their outstanding grip. We haven’t yet found a surface this sole will not grip on – even ice! 
Available in Sizes: 6 to 11 
Colour: Black with grey trim and red lining 
13081-05 'Rockhopper' Boots
13081-05 'Rockhopper' Boots Spike soles
The flexible, hardened steel spikes cut down through the weed, to grip the rock below and will even grip in icy conditions. Neoprene uppers with a side zip closure they are equally suitable for ‘wet wading’ in the summer months or overseas. 
Please note: For use over stockingfoot waders, we recommend you go up one size on your normal shoe size. 
Available in sizes: 4 -12. 
Colour: Black/Grey 
19025 Rockhopper Wader-Grips 
Can be used on any waders or wading boots for additional grip on slippery surfaces,whether algae covered rocks, dam walls or even ice! Simply fasten the wader-grips to your boots for instant, extra grip. The thermoplastic rubber material is highly elastic, so they will stretch to fit a wide range of boot sizes. Ideal for walking long distances to fish (so wants cleated soles), but also extra grip in the river or reservoir bank or rocky shoreline. 
Available in sizes:  
L – for all standard shoes, boots or waders up to size 9 (EU 43) 
XL – for all shoes, boots, wading boots, or waders from sizes 9-11 (EU 43–45) 
XXL – for all shoes, boots, wading boots, or larger waders and thermal boots, from sizes 11-15 (EU 45–50) 

Wading Equipment 

Remove the “silent wading” rubber cap & you have a hardened steel tip for extra grip & it comes with an optional screw on ‘tip-cup’ to spread the load in soft sand, mud or snow. Ergonomic rubber handle grip, with adjustable wrist strap & detachable, elasticated lanyard.  
19440 Prestige Folding Wading Staff tip
19440 Prestige Folding Wading Staff
Packs down into a neat, neoprene belt pouch.  
Length folded 15” 
length extended 55” 
Weight 340g/12oz 
19422 Telescopic Wading Staff with Depth Markers 
An updated version of our original model, but marked with depth markers up to 140cm. Useful for when you need to know if the next step could be out of your depth. Also allows quick and easy measurement of catch & release salmon. 
19388 Telescopic Wading Staff 
A tough, practical wading staff made from anodised aluminium. Telescopes down from a maximum 63” to a convenient 34” for travelling. The Twist & Lock mechanism allows it to be locked at any required length. Weighted foot with rubber grip. Rubberised handle with adjustable lanyard & clip. 
Weight: 20oz 
19098 Heavy-duty Wading Staff Zinger 
Our heavy duty zinger has a strong retractor Spring & can be used with large landing nets, as well as wading staffs. An aluminium Carabiner clip to attach to D-Rings, while the 70cm long, plastic-covered wire cord has a split-ring attachment, so a wading staff or landing net is always attached to you. 
19379 Lumbar Support Wading Belt 
If like many anglers, you suffer from an aching back after a full days fishing, our Lumbar Support Belt is the answer. The 2” wide webbing belt has a quick release plastic clip and buckles, allowing adjustment from 34” to 51”. The rear lumbar pad has 1” thick contoured neoprene, inside a Nylon cover, to provide pressure and support, just where it’s needed. 
Colour: Black 
19381 Stripping Basket 
A hard plastic Stripping Basket so popular with saltwater and reservoir anglers. Lightweight, with adjustable waist belt and neck support strap. Tapered line control turrets in the base, to prevent fly lines tangling. 
19385 Stripping Basket Line Spikes 
An optional extra for our Stripping Basket is this set of 10 plastic spikes, which fit into the top of the turrets. Not only do they stop water slopping up the turrets and filling the basket, but their soft, flexible construction helps tame fly line coils when shooting and reduces tangles. These will fit all brands of Stripping Basket of this same design. 
Set of 10 
19382 Line Tray 
The best line tray design on the market. Mesh base with a fold down base board which holds the tray open when in use and prevents water filling the tray from below and tangling the line, when deep wading or saltwater fly fishing. Folds flat against your body when not in use. Adjustable webbing belt with quick release buckles. Velcro pocket inside, to take leaders etc. 
19382 Line Tray
19382 Line Tray
19382 Line Tray
13051 Neoprene Gravel Guard 
3mm double-lined Neoprene. Heavy-duty zip, plus Velcro flap fastening. Worn over the top of wading boots, to prevent gravel and sand entering the boots. 
Size: One size fits all. 
Colour: Mid Green 
13050 Saltwater Neoprene Gravel Guards 
Designed specifically for saltwater wading, eliminating the conventional zip fastening, prone to jamming when wet wading on sand. The Velcro compatible material allows the gravel guard to wrap securely around your leg and secure in any position, completely preventing fine sand and gravel entering your wading boots. Lacing hook attaches to boots to hold them in place. 
19059 Tungsten Wader Studs 
Super-hard, screw-in Wader Studs, with a 4-point Tungsten Carbide tip for the ultimate grip on slippery rocks & pebbles. The grade 304 stainless steel screw has high corrosion resistance, while the Tungsten Carbide head is 30% harder than the highest grade of hardened steel. Easily screwed in to boots or waders, with the Stud Tool provided. 
Pack of 20 
19060-S Wader Stud socket 
A simple socket for fitting our Wader Studs. 
19060 Screw-In Wader Studs 
Super hard, zinc plated steel studs, give additional grip to felt or cleated sole waders. Our model has a deeper head for extra grip and longer wear-life. Easily screwed in with our optional Stud Socket or a Phillips screwdriver.  
Pack of 40 

Wader Repair Accessories 

Our range of Stormsure products, covers every possible type of wader, boot and clothing repair or adhesive application. 
SSC Snowbee Suncure Wader Repair 
A revolutionary material EXCLUSIVE to Snowbee that transforms wader repair! A flexible, clear repair material cured by UV light. Suncure is totally cured in 15 seconds (in high UV conditions). With Snowbee Suncure a lost day's fishing due to damaged or leaking waders is a thing of the past! 
SST Stormsure Adhesive 
The original adhesive and sealant for all types of repair in waders, boots and just about anything else you can think of. Over the years we have used this for just about every type of repair you can imagine! If you step on your fly line and take a ‘nick’ out of it, you can repair it with Stormsure. Use it for any type of wader or clothing repair including cuts, punctures or seam leaks. Will also repair punctures on float tubes etc. We even use this to re-stick felt soles that have come loose and found it to be the most effective adhesive for this. In fact, we have yet to find a sealing or gluing application that can’t be covered by Stormsure!  
Available in either 1 x 15g, or 3 x 5g tubes for those smaller jobs. Now supplied with a pair of plastic gloves for convenience. 
A useful tip is to store it in the freezer once opened, to extend its life. 
SST-BWR Stormsure Boot, Shoe & Wader Repair Kit 
A convenient repair kit for all types of waders or boots. 
Kit contains 2 x 75mm Tuff patches, plus 1 x 5ml tube Stormsure adhesive, for just about all applications. 
SST-TT6 Stormsure Tu -Tape Kit (6 patches) 
Stormsure Tuff-Tape is one of those products that once you try it, you don’t know how you ever did without it! The kits consist of a selection of shapes and sizes of tough, self-adhesive, clear PVC patches, providing quick and easy repair to waders, jackets, boots etc. Sticks to just about anything, even when wet! This means that if you accidentally cut or puncture your waders, you can apply a Tuff-Tape patch, even to wet waders, to get you back fishing, until you can make a more permanent repair using Stormsure adhesive. 
Kit contains 4 x 2cm, 
plus 1 x 5cm diameter patch,  
plus 1 x 8.4 x 2.8cm rectangular patch. 
SST-TT12 Stormsure Tuff -Tape Kit (12 patches) 
The same as the 6-Patch Kit, but with a larger selection of patches for longer tears or seam leaks. 
Kit contains 2 x 7.8 x 4.5cm,  
2 x 16.5 x 2.2cm, 
2 x 4.5 x 4.5cm,  
4 x 2 x 4cm,  
1 x 9.2 x 2.5cm and 
1 x 9.2 x 4cm patches. 
SST-SP250 Stormsure Stormproof DWR Spray 
This water based, air-dry proofer and re-proofing spray is easy and quick to use and requires no ‘pre or post treatment’. Just clean the fabric of any dirt or mud, apply and allow to dry. Turns any fabric waterproof, by applying a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating to the surface. Ideal for re-proofing any garment, waders, tent, bivvy or umbrella, which has started to leak. 
To increase water repelling properties, gently heat or warm during drying with a hairdryer. 
250ml spray bottle. 
13076-L Boot Laces 
Tough replacement laces for our wading boots and being long laces, suitable for hiking boots too. 
Colour: Black/Grey Length: 68” 
13078-L Boot Laces 
Tough replacement laces for our wading boots and being long laces, suitable for hiking boots too. 
Colour: 2-Tone Tan Length: 68” 
19047 Wading Boot Felt-Sole Kit 
Specifically designed for replacing Felt-Soles on waders or wading boots. The one-piece felt sole is oversize to fit any size boot up to size 14. Simply cut down to fit smaller sizes. Includes adhesive,replacement felt-soles and full instructions.  
One size fits all. 
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