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Saltwater Fishing Tools 

A range of fishing tools, designed for the Saltwater angler. Manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium, hard anodised and assembled using 304 grade stainless steel screws, for total corrosion resistance, our new range will help make your fishing experience easier and more enjoyable. 
19475 Aluminium ‘T-Belly’ 
A simple innovation that avoids the need for a cumbersome Butt Pad. Our Aluminium T-Belly clips to your belt, ready for action, when you need it. 
Just slide it onto the gimbal fitting of your boat rod and it evenly distributes the strain across your belly, or thigh. The round profile and foam sleeves, prevent bruising and make playing large fish so much easier. 
19476 7½” Saltwater Pliers 
Our new 7½” Saltwater Pliers are constructed from 6061 aircraft grade aluminium and then anodised, for complete corrosion resistance. The main jaws are made from electro-coated hardened carbon steel, for strength, corrosion resistance and reliability. 
The Tungsten carbide cutter Jaws make short work of braid, heavy mono and wire and can be easily replaced. 
Weight: 151g (5.4oz) 
Colour: Metallic Grey 
19477 4½” Saltwater Pliers 
The smaller cousin to our larger pliers, the 4½“ model features a Split-ring hook on the jaws and razor sharp Tungsten carbide cutter Jaws, for braid, mono etc. 
Weight: 42g (1.5oz) 
Colour: Metallic Grey 

Stainless Steel T-Bar Hook Removers 

Unlike many T-Bars on the market, ours feature a ‘push-hook’ on the back. If the hook has been taken down deep, the ‘push-hook’ allows you to push the hook out backwards, then with a quick twist of the wrist, the hook is turned and can be drawn out safely. 
Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel, for corrosion resistance, this simple innovation makes sea fishing so much easier! Our two models are effective on any size of fish, from mackerel to monster conger. 
19478 Stainless Steel T-Bar – Large 
Our large size T-Bar is 10½” long and designed for the larger species of sea fish. Ideal for un-hooking cod, pollack, ling and conger but also strong enough for shark! 
19479 Stainless Steel T-Bar - Small 
Our smaller model T-Bar is 6½” long and comes in a handy belt sheath making it ideal for general use when sea fishing. We have been using similar tools to this for the past 20 years and wouldn’t be without them!