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All events and activities as they happen will be reported here throughout 2016 
Federation Peninsula Flyfishers Floating Line Competition Blagdon Lake 27th June 2015 
The new format for the Snowbee Perpetual trophy took place on Blagdon lake, fishing Loch Style with floating lines only. The conditions looked ideal but once again just after the start the sun appeared, the wind picked up and anglers were having to work hard and think hard as to how to best cope with the challenging conditions. As this was a floating line only line choice was not a decision that had to made just what flies, depth and retrieve. 
A few anglers picked up early fish and with those came the information about depth. It was a case of keep the flies above the fish and concentrate. Two anglers in particular were equal to the conditions, Alex Johnstone and Roger Truscott both captured 10 fish, all fish after the first 4 were released safely. Catch and release when water conditions allow is becoming the norm for competitions now with just a few fish kept and the majority of the fish being returned has got to be a benefit to angling and the fisheries. 
Pictures left: Matt Kingdon winner of the heaviest fish with a Brownie of 4lbs 11ozs. Matt wins a Snowbbe net, the Francis Gooding Shield and a bottle of whisky  
Pics: Denis Symonds 
The eventual winner was Cornish angler Roger Truscott whose 10 fish with bonus weighed 27lbs 1oz, the average size of fish at Blagdon is an amazing 3lbs 1oz. In second place was Alex Johnstone just pipped on weight and in third place was Paul Lee from Devon. The heaviest fish was a beautiful full tailed Brownie caught by Matt Kingdon. Matt won the Francis Gooding Trophy, a Snowbee net and a bottle of Whisky. 
After the weigh in of some magnificent Rainbow & Brownies, 4 of them over 4lbs, 2 of which were nearly 5lb, there was a free barbecue kindly organized by Andrew Gooding, Lynda Carthew & Pete Kempton. This completed a very friendly competition where 3 new members joined the federation and I am pleased to say that every competitor caught fish. 
The prizes had all been donated by Snowbee UK who are supporters of the Peninsula Federation. 
Pictured right: Winner of the Snowbee Perpetual Trophy and a Snowbee Geo reel Roger Truscott being presented with his prizes by Andrew Gooding (right) and Pete Kempton (left) 
Pictured above: Alex Johnstone (centre) runner up of the Floating Line Competition 
Pictured above: Paul Lee (centre) third place in the Floating Line Competition 
All events and activities as they happen will be reported here throught 2014 
2014 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championship Devon, Somerset & Cornwall 
A few anglers picked up early fish and with those came the information about depth. It was a case of keep the flies above the fish and concentrate. Two anglers in particular were equal to the conditions, Alex Johnstone and Roger Truscott both captured 10 fish, all fish after the first 4 were released safely. Catch and release when water conditions allow is becoming the norm for competitions now with just a few fish kept and the majority of the fish being returned has got to be a benefit to angling and the fisheries. 
Pictures left: Matt Kingdon winner of the heaviest fish with a Brownie of 4lbs 11ozs. Matt wins a Snowbbe net, the Francis Gooding Shield and a bottle of whisky 
The venues of Wimbleball, Kennick, Siblyback, The River Dart and Fernworthy were chosen to test the anglers’ range of skills and the organisers could not have chosen better in representing the South West’s angling options. 
Each of the 15 National Teams are divided into 5 groups, so there are 15 anglers, all going to one of 5 different venues competition sectors. 
Points are awarded to each angler depending upon their finishing position at each session, with 1 point for a first place and 15 for last position or no fish. The angler and team with the fewest number of points are declared the winners after each session and then the lowest cumulative score wins after the 5th and final session has been complated on all sectors. 
All five venues commenced fishing at 9am on Friday 6th June, starting two and a half days of 6 hours of fishing and the same amount of time travelling to and from venues. 
Pictured right: Kevin Sellar gets the Siblyback venue under way at 9am on the dot 
All Pics: Denis Symonds 
High flier. 
A fine rainbow of about 3lbs made several runs, taking the Welsh Team angler 5 attemps to net this wonderfully conditioned fish. There are a large number of 3lb plus fish in Siblyback with the best of 58cm (about 6 to 7lb) landed in the competition. With all of the fish being returned to the water there will be good fishing at all of the venues after the competition. 
After several nervous minutes, it finally comes to the net. All the fish were carefully released after being measured. 
The results from session 1 at the 5 venues can be seen by clicking on the following links. 
Session 1 Individual Results 
Session 1 Team Results 
After session 1 the two Australian teams held first and second places followed by Scotland’s men’s team. England men were only placed 9th with England Ladies in 12th. 
Session 2 Individual Results 
Session 2 Team Results 
With 2 sessions completed the individual placing begins to take shape, Glenn Eggleton from the Australian Green Hoppers team had won both of his sessions and was in first place. The team event was led by Scotland’s men but the England men’s team had now pulled up into 4th place. 
One of many fish landed from Cow Moor on Wimbleball in session 2 
England Ladies hooking another hard fighting Rainbow Trout 
Picture: Denis Symonds
Another fish comes to the net in Ruggs Bay 
Session 3 Individual Results 
Session 3 Team Results 
After the third session David Chalmers from the Scotland Men’s team with 2 first and a second took the lead, reinforcing the Scotland men’s team position at the top of the leader board. The England men’s team in th meantime had also put in a magnificent team performance and risen to 2nd in the team table. 
Session 4 Individual Results 
Session 4 Team Results 
The fourth session sets the shape for the final day and Australia’s Mick McKay took the individual lead with the Scottish men’s team still in first place. The points difference between the top 5 teams meant that one slip up and the medal positions would change dramatically. 
Session 5 Individual Final Results 
Session 5 Team Final Results 
Mick McKay clinched second place on The River Dart ensuring his place as top individual angler and an excellent performance by Scotland’s men’s team crowned them in top team position with David Chalmers 6th. England’s men put in a great performance on the last session too but could not close the gap on Scotland. Despite a first place, two seconds and a third on the last morning and three anglers in the top 10, (Bernie Maher 5th, John Tyzack 8th and Simon Kidd 9th) the English team could not close the gap on Scotland and Northern Ireland took the Team Bronze medals.The England Ladies team finished in 11th place with England’s Lisa Isles top lady rod in 15th position overall. 
Peninsula Federation 2014 Loch Style Qualifier 
The annual quest for places in the National Final of the Loch Style fishing started at Blagdon Lake on Sunday 27th April. The event sponsored by Snowbee UK attracted 23 competitors from all over the country to try and gain a place in the England team. This year The Peninsula Federation were trying a change and making the competition a part catch & release event with only 4 fish being kept and then fishing on with barbless hooks to a maximum catch of 12 fish. 
The fishing at Blagdon had been challenging and on the previous day, it had been particularly difficult to the strength of the wind and low pressure which affected the willingness of the fish to take a fly. Unlike previous years the main bulk of the fish seemed to be in deeper open water, which has affected the bank fishing, and only recently have started to move into shallower water. The majority of the anglers had practiced and so were aware of this and most boats started in deeper water. One lucky boat found the fish in Holt Bay and had the whole bay to themselves all day. 
The main method was a sinking line, of varying sinking rates, with a couple of brightly coloured lures. The sinking rate of the line is usually rated by how many inches per second it will sink, a 3 rated line = 3 inches per second for example. 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
There were fish willing to take a more natural fly in front of Green Lawns and the deeper water to the Lodge and these were coming to a floater and nymphs on light hooks, meaning the fish were quite high in the water and even the anglers with sinking lines had to raise their flies in the water to interest the fish. The weather and the fishing had dramatically improved from the Saturday and 14 anglers managed to catch the 12 fish bag limit and a total of 239 fish were caught, a rod average of 10 fish per angler. 
The winner, Tony Baldwin, fished with a sinking line with 2 lures with a small wet fly in between them. He caught all of his fish at the top end of the reservoir in the Wood Bay area and was finished by 1:40. Tony will automatically go to the Final in September to compete for 8th England cap 
Top local angler was Steve Ebdon from Exeter who won the beautiful Snowbee Perpetual Trophy for a Record 3rd time. 
Tony Baldwin 
Steve Ebdon 
Mike Cocks 
Martin Burgess 
Matt Kingdon 
Andrew Gooding 
Mark Withyman 
Paul Jones 
Mark Stevens 
Pete Kempton 
Pictured Left to Right: 
Simon Kidd Snowbee Marketing Manager, Steve Ebdon winning his 3rd Loch Style Perpetual Trophy, Martin Burgess & Matt Kingdon 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
Peninsula Federation Rivers Qualifier on The River Teign 10th May 2014 
The regional qualifying round of the rivers competition that ultimately decides who will represent England in International events was held on the 10th May at Fingle Bridge on the River Teign. The Peninsula Federation organizes this annual event and it was attended by anglers from all over the country. The Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships are due to be staged at venues on Dartmoor in a few weeks and interest from participants and media is running high at the moment 
It is usually a mistake to hold the event on the same weekend as the Ten Tors, 60mph winds and driving rain did not make the fishing easy and with the height of the river there were several wet anglers. That said the top class field still produced an outstanding catch of 90 fish and 2 anglers in particular mastered the tricky conditions, John Tyzack from Stockport who came first in the morning session and Tony Baldwin from Malvern. Tony came first in the afternoon session and only recently won the Loch Style event at Blagdon, excellent all round angling. 
The winner of the Snowbee Perpetual trophy was local angler Lewis Hendrie from Exford on Exmoor, who caught 8 trout in the morning session. The top anglers will now go on to the National Final to be held on The River Dee in July where the top 5 anglers will represent England. The overall winner of the morning and afternoon sessions was John Tyzack from Stockport. Snowbee UK Ltd again provided sponsorship for the competition with prizes. 
Pictured Left to Right: Dave Drake, Martin Burgess, Tony Baldwin, Lewis Hendrie, John Tyzack & Andrew Gooding 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
2013 National Rivers Final River Dart 
What a day! Temperatures of over 30 degrees and the National River’s Fly Fishing Championships were being staged on the top of Dartmoor. Thirty two of the country’s top river anglers accompanied by 32 volunteer adjudicators, who would see fair play, were on the upper reaches of the River Dart around The Two Bridges Hotel at Princetown. 
Armed with copious amounts of water and sunblock these hardy people set out to decide the winner of this year’s event, the top five anglers on the day would represent England in next year’s International against Scotland, Ireland and Wales and could go on to represent England in the European and World Championships. 
Despite the sustained hot dry period there was still enough water to cover and successfully catch fish, the total number of measurable fish was 389, this was a testament to the skill of those taking part. One way to beat the searing temperatures was to follow this controllers example. 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
The anglers set of at 8.45 to the beats they had drawn and try to get their selected spot, angling didn't start until 10am so there was plenty of time, unless they decided to got to the top of the beats which could be a 3 or 4 mile walk. 
By the time the anglers were met at the lunch time break they may have covered 6 miles in full waders so it was just as well the control points were manned by volunteers who supplied extra water and collected the score cards for the 2 morning sessions and because half of the scores were already in the computer the actual final result was calculated as the last angler handed his score cards in. The scoring in this event is quite complicated with points being awarded for each fish caught and returned safely to the water. The idea is to win the four sessions that the day is divided into. 
Terry Phillips from the Northern Federation managed to do it catching 35 fish in his 4 sessions and becoming National Champion. Terry caught his fish using 2 small sedge imitations on the surface. I have since found out that Terry took the time to explain to his controller how to fish the river and to give him tips all day, a true champion. 
The event was sponsored by Snowbee UK Ltd from Plymouth whose support for the work we do in this region has been amazing. Snowbee UK have supported the Peninsula Federation since day one. 
Pictured left to right: Clive Collier chairman of Team England Fly Fishing, Terry Phillips 2013 National Champion, Russell Weston Managing Director of Snowbee UK Ltd. 
1st Place: Terry Phillips from Lancashire, Northern Federation 
2nd Place: Andy Cliffe from West Yorkshire, Peninsula Federation 
3rd Place: Robert Brown from Yorkshire, Southern Federation 
4th Place: Simon Robinson from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northern Federation 
5th Place: John Tyzack from Greater Manchester, Peninsula Federation 
Reserve: Lee Bartlett from Cornwall, Peninsula Federation 
Peninsula Federation 2013 Loch Style Qualifier 
The annual qualifier, sponsored by Snowbee UK Plymouth that decides who goes on to the National Final at Grafham Water in September, was held in the beautiful setting of Blagdon Lake, Somerset on Sunday 28th April. Loch Style fishing is in boats that have 2 anglers and drift freely with the wind. 
This year the event took place in near perfect fishing conditions, overcast skies and fairly light, if a little cold, winds. 
With the lightish winds most anglers went out with floating lines and imitative flies as the fish were feeding on buzzers. Dave Grove was determined to catch all of his fish on dries, Dave did manage to catch his limit but not until late in the afternoon. The top bag on the day went to Cornish angler Paul Jones with 8 fish for a total bag weight of 28lbs 14ozs, this included a rainbow of 4lbs 1ozs, Paul is a former winner of this competition. Paul caught his fish using sinking lines and pulling tactics as he found during practice this was a better method. He will now compete in the final and again he is a former winner of that final and wins the Snowbee perpetual trophy and tackle from Snowbee UK. 
The quality of the fishing at Blagdon has to be experienced to be appreciated, the rod average for the event was an astounding 7.7 fish per angler and with an average weight of 2lbs 9ozs. This doesn’t tell the whole story, the total included 8 fish over 4lbs and 28 fish over 3lbs and all fit fighting Rainbow Trout and for this Bristol Water should be congratulated. 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
The top ten anglers were: 
1 Paul Jones 8 for 28lbs 14ozs 
2 Tony Chipman 8 fish 28lbs 1ozs 
3 Matt Kingdom 8 fish for 27lbs 0ozs 
4 Dave Drake 8 fish for 26lbs 8ozs 
5 Pete Kempton 8 fish for 26lbs 4ozs 
6 Steve Ebdon 8 fish for 26lbs 3ozs 
7 Denis Symonds 8 fish for 25lbs 11ozs 
8 John Glanfield 8 fish for 25lbs 1ozs 
9 John Braithwaite 8 fish for 24lbs 14ozs 
10 Tony Baldwin 8 fish for 24lbs 4ozs 
Pictured below is John Glanfield from Exeter who finished 8th. 
Pictured above left to right: Tony Chipman 2nd place, Paul Jones winner, Matt Kingdom 3rd place and Alan Riddell who caught the heaviest fish of 4lbs 13ozs 
National Loch Style Final - Bewl Water 21st September 2012 
The National Loch Style Final was held in the beautiful setting of Bewl Water in East Sussex, on Friday 21st September. Loch Style fishing is in boats that have 2 anglers and drift freely with the wind. Ten members from the Peninsula Region qualified to fish this highly prestigious final and travelled to Bewl earlier in the week to practice and fine tune the methods that would catch the Rainbow Trout on finals day. 
Bewl Water had been suffering firstly with drought conditions and then when the lake filled with some of the wettest spring weather on record, consistently high water temperatures that stopped fish from feeding naturally. Thankfully the temperatures of late had started to cool the lake water down and fish had started to feed again, albeit reluctantly. 
The practice days were producing mixed results with some anglers finding it easy and others almost impossible to get a take from the fish. It can pay to practice in small groups and sharing ideas and information, this proved to be the case with one such group of four members who did just that. The information gained by the four anglers and shared over a drink proved this cooperation does work. Two of this group of four finished in the top qualifying places and will go on to represent England in 2013's Home International at Bewl on 17th May. 
Pictured above: Left to right are Simon Kidd, Denis Symonds, Roger Truscott (main picture) and John Tyzack, JT 
Of the 10 finalists from the Peninsula region 4 successfully finished in qualifying positions and will compete against the ‘Home’ Nations in 2013. There will be 2 events, the first in May at Bewl Water and the second in September at The Lake of Mentieth in Scotland, both events will be contested by National Teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 
The members who qualified are John Tyzack, Roger Truscott from Liskeard, Simon Kidd from Plymouth and Denis Symonds from Launceston. This will be Roger and Denis’s first England caps and all are very proud to be representing their country at their chosen sport 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
The River Dart Two Bridges Hotel 15th July 2012 
The National Final of the Rivers competition took place on Sunday the 15th July. The competitors fished on the upper beats of the East & West Dart on the top of Dartmoor thanks to the Duchy of Cornwall and The West Country Rivers Trust without whose cooperation this event could not have taken place, also to Brian Hibbert and Peter Way who open normally private water to be used on practice days and match day respectively. The weather in the weeks leading up to the competition could hardly have been more testing with continual heavy rain and unusually low temperatures for the time of year but on the day the sun shone and the fishing excelled. 
The competition format was for 1 day of fishing split up into 4 sessions, this was made possible because volunteer controllers gave up their free time to accompany each angler throughout the day ensuring safety and fair play, as a small thank you to these volunteers the sponsor, Snowbee UK Ltd made up a ‘welcome’ bag with some items of tackle. The competitors were drawn into 4 groups of 8 anglers each group is then initially competing against the anglers in that group. The winner would be the angler who amassed the least number of points, 1 point for a 1st place down to 8 points for an 8th place, with anglers who failed to catch a fish in a session automatically getting 8 points. To make the competition fair, competitors fished either the East or West Dart in the morning and then the other river in the afternoon. 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
The event is governed by International rules regarding flies and hooks, all of which are barbless. Anglers who catch a fish pass the fish to the controller who measure it in a wetted trough and then carefully return the fish to the water. The measurement of the fish is then recorded on a score card and the fish must be returned alive to count. 
The fishing on the East & West Dart was amazing with 540 measurable fish caught, the number caught in the match was only slightly less than for the whole of the previous 12 months. 
Pictured left to right: 
Russell Weston, Snowbee UK MD 
Mick Tinnion, National River's Manager 
Winner, Andy Croucher 
The eventual winner, Andy Croucher from the Southern Federation scored an unbeatable 4 points by winning each of the 4 sessions. In second & third places were Lewis Hendrie and Alex Bobba both from the local Peninsula Federation and competing in the same group. In 4th place was Andrew Scott from the Northern Federation and filling the final spot was Paul Lee again from the Southern Federation and in the same group as Lewis & Alex. 
The prizes were donated by Snowbee UK Ltd and presented on the evening by Snowbee UK’s Managing Director Russell Weston. The top 5 anglers with go on to represent England in next year’s Home International against Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Thanks also go to The Two Bridges Hotel who provided a wonderful venue and food. 
Peninsula Federation 2012 National Loch Style Qualifier 
The annual qualifier, sponsored by Snowbee (UK) Plymouth that decides who goes on to the National Final at Bewl Water in September, was held in the beautiful setting of Blagdon Lake, Somerset on Sunday 29th April. Loch Style fishing is in boats that have 2 anglers and drift freely with the wind. 
The event took place in what was probably the worst conditions of the year so far, with local flooding and trees being brought down by high winds. This even delayed the start of the fishing, with several anglers being delayed and diverted from normal routes. 
This year’s entrants included 4 members of the Commonwealth Fly Fishing Team who have just returned from New Zealand and who won the silver medal in these championships. There were also World and European team members making this the strongest field to date. 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
JT with the heaviest fish. 7lbs 7ozs 
With the high winds, most anglers went out with sinking lines and ‘pulling’ lures and this did work. Several others decided to stick with their preferred method of floating lines and nymphs and this also worked. The top bag on the day went to Stockport angler John Tyzack with 8 fish and a total bag weight of 26lbs 10ozs, this included a magnificent rainbow of 7lbs 7ozs. John is a former National Rivers Champion on 6 occasions and has also represented England in 2 Loch Style Internationals. John caught his fish using sinking lines and a mixture of pulling and nymphing tactics. The top angler from the Peninsula region and winning the Snowbee perpetual trophy for the second time was Snowbee UK Marketing Manager Simon Kidd, Simon had caught his 8 fish by 11.35 and then had to sit out the rain and wind in the boat until the end of the competition at 6pm. A total of 34 anglers took part, recording a rod average of 4.5 fish per angler and with 26 fish recorded being over 3lbs in weight. 
Due to weather conditions, several anglers were forced to cut short their fishing and return to dry out and get warm in the lodge, this was made possible thanks to the forethought of Bristol Water in keeping the log fire going throughout the day and rangers on the boat dock assisting very cold anglers to safely leave the boats. 
A tough fishing day but despite the freezing and rough conditions, fished in the great spirit that has become characteristic of this popular annual event. 
Winner of the Loch Style Snowbee Perpetual Trophy for the second time Simon Kidd 
Snowbee/Invicta Floating Line Competition 
Congratulations to the Greenwell Persuaders for winning the Inaugural 2011 Floating Line Competition at Grafham water. 
Twenty, 4-man, teams took part in the 2011 Snowbee/Invicta Interclub Floating Line competition held at Grafham Water on Saturday 6 August. 
The in-form Greenwell Persuaders took the very pretty hand carved Snowbee Trophy, with Graham Willis and Paul Mitchell bringing a creditable four fish apiece to the scales and the 11 fish for the team in total, gave them a winning team weight in excess fo 25lbs! London FDG took second, whilst Bristol took third, with the teams local expert Peter De Kremer doing most of the damage with four fish including the biggest fish of the day. 
Apart from the top two teams, only one other four fish bag was recorded on the day by Chris Mcleod, who helped his team Invicta B to 4th place and winners of the best local team. 
It proved a tough day for many but the Fishery Staff were excellent as always and the event was well organised by the Invicta Club. The real winner was the spirit of fishing however that accompanied the popular format all day, which amde it a pleasure to support. There was a break for a light lunch and an excellent meal was enjoyed by all, at the prize giving, in the lodge after the match. It was also confirmed that Snowbee and Invicta hope the event again next year, where Greenwell persuaders would be invited back to defend their title - date confirmed as Sunday 25th July 2012. 
Final Results: 
1. Greenwell Persuaders 11 fish - 26lb 14oz 
2. London FDG 8 fish - 24lb 11oz 
3. Bristol 8 fish - 24lb 
4. Invicta ‘B’ 7 fish - 18lb 4oz 
Biggest Fish: Peter De Kremer – A Rainbow of 4lb 5oz 
See ‘Fishypics’ (http://www.fishypics.co.uk/gallery_439978.html) for a full report and photographs. 
National Boat Fishing Competition 2011 
Colin ‘Super’ Searles recorded his second consecutive Angling Trust national boat angling success at Minehead on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July 2011. Yet again Colin won his boat convincingly on both days to continue his superb record in this event, having managed the same feat the previous year. 
Day one, saw the four boats charge off to Porlock Bay in warm, calm conditions and this great weather was to be repeated on day two. 
Lead skipper, Steve Webber on the Snowbee sponsored ‘Osprey’ suggested the fishing might be difficult slow and indeed this proved to be the case. The most noticeable absentees were the dogfish which usually plague the Bristol Channel most of the year. Soem experienecd anglers did not record a single dogfish on either day which is very unusual for this part of the world! 
After the initial traditional stint in Porlock Bay, the vessels graduated to the skippers preferred options further to the west under the magnificent coastal scenery of West Somerset. Limited radio, phone communication and banter between the skippers over their boat catches took place through the day – some genuine and some not but all would be revealed upon return to port. Colin Searles finishing top man on the first day with just over six hundred points. 
Day 2, was met with renewed enthusiasm and the ‘Osprey’ crew were joined by Sandra Drew, Angling Trust Competitions and Events manager who ahd jumped at the chance of a day afloat to see competition angling first hand. Sunday saw a definite increase in fish returns on most of the boats with more Smoothound, Wrasse and Pollack recorded from the vessels furthest west. 
Top man on the 2nd day was Rod Adamson with just over seven hundred points!. 
The presentation and prize giving took place at the Ship Aground. 
Individual results:- 
1st Colin Searles 
2nd Ian McLean 
3rd Perry Dack 
Most Species: Colin Searles -14 
Pairs: 1st Searles/Adamson , 2nd McLean/Patten 
Four man - 1st Carrow/McLean/Dack/Preston 
Top Skipper: Steve Webber on ‘Osprey’ 
Snowbee was the main sponsor of the event this year which was hosted by The Ship Aground. 
Sandra Drew from AT with the top 3 
1st PLACE - Colin Searles (right of Sandra) 
2nd PLACE - Ian McLean (second right of Sandra) 
3rd PLACE - Perry Dack (left of Sandra) 
Peninsula Federation Rivers Qualifier on The River Teign 14th May 2011 
The regional qualifying round of the Rivers competition that ultimately decides who will represent England in future International events was held on the 14th May at Fingle Bridge on the River Teign. The Peninsula Federation organizes this annual event and was open to anglers from all over the country. 
The conditions were very similar to last year and the anglers found the fishing quite difficult, due again to the low water condition, however there was some exceptionally skilled anglers competing. 
The quality of fishing on the River Teign, which is a part of the Upper Teign Association water, is outstanding with 135 measurable fish in difficult circumstances, up to 32cm, being caught; each fish is measured and then returned carefully to the water. The details of the size of the fish are then recorded by an independent controller, points being awarded for each fish and the overall length of the fish, these points are then totaled up at the end of the competition. 
The winner of the Snowbee Perpetual trophy was local angler Lewis Hendrie, who caught 19 trout in only 31/2 hours of fishing. The top anglers will now go on to the National Final to be held at Llangollen on the Dee in August where the top 5 anglers will represent England. 
Snowbee UK Ltd again provided sponsorship for the competition with prizes and the perpetual trophy and the Sales and Marketing Manager Simon Kidd competed and caught the longest fish, a 32cm beautifully conditioned Brown Trout also finishing 2nd position in the afternoon session. 
Winner Lewis Hendrie from Exford, near Tiverton, with the Snowbee Perpetual Trophy and the prizes presented by Snowbee UK. Lewis caught his fish by using 2 small ‘nymphs’ and letting the current drift them along, he also used a single dry fly when the fish were particularly difficult. 
Morning Session: 
1st John Tyzack 23 fish 900 points 29.01% of catch 
2nd Pete Kempton 14 fish 556 points 
3rd Andrew Gooding 11 fish 449 points 
4th Alex Bobba 10 fish 380 points 
5th 5 fish 214 points 
Afternoon Session: 
1st Lewis Hendrie 19 fish 746 points 32.04% of catch 
2nd Simon Kidd 9 fish 390 points 
3rd Bernie Maher 8 fish 330 points 
4th Tony Baldwin 5 fish 215 points 
5th Sheena Goode 4 fish 166 points 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
Top 3 anglers from the morning & afternoon sessions. 
Pictured left to right: Pete Kempton, Andrew Gooding, Lewis Hendrie, John Tyzack, Bernie Maher, Simon Kidd 
Total commitment from the controller pictured above!. 
Peninsula Federation Loch Style Qualifier at Blagdon Lake 1st May 2011 
The annual qualifier that decides who goes on to the National Final and is Sponsored by Snowbee UK from Plymouth, was held in the beautiful setting of Blagdon Lake in Somerset on Sunday 1st May. Loch Style fishing is in boats that have 2 anglers and drift freely with the wind, which in this case was a strong easterly blowing right down the lake and made a lot of the lake unfishable by boat. 
The field this year was particularly strong and included 2 World Team members, 2 Commonwealth Team members, 3 European Team members and 9 International Team members, 1 of which is the ‘Brown Bowl’ winner. This is the trophy presented to the top angler in the Home Countries International events. 
The fishing has been outstanding at Blagdon of late but has become increasingly difficult. This was made more difficult by the strong wind on the day. There were several areas of the lake that were holding good numbers of fish but the key area was Home Bay and this held most of the boats all day. Even with the strong wind the most successful method was with a floating line and a team of ‘buzzers’. The winner, Denis Symonds from Launceston in Cornwall, used this to catch most of his fish and later in the day switched to a sinking line and 2 lures to catch 2 more of his 7 fish bag. In second place was Roger Truscott from Liskeard Cornwall, Roger and Denis were boat partners and shared information during the day to catch 13 fish in very difficult circumstances, where the rod average was only 1.9 fish per angler. 
The top anglers will now go on to fish the National Final to be held at Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire in September. 
Pics: Denis Symonds 
Roger Truscott enjoying the spirit of the competition. 
Pictured above, left to right: Pete Kempton, chairman. Roger Truscott, 2nd place. Simon Kidd, Snowbee's Sales & Marketing Manager. 
Top 6 anglers on the day. 
Pictures above, Front row left to right: Roger Truscott, Denis Symonds, Pete Kempton. 
Rear row: Mike Cocks, Andy Gooding, John Glanfield. 
Pictured above is 2011 winner Denis Symonds from Launceston with the prizes and Perpetual Trophy donated by Snowbee UK 
1st Denis Symonds 7 fish for 15lb 12 ozs 
2nd Roger Truscott 6 fish for 12lb 0ozs 
3rd Pete Kempton 6 fish for 11lb 12ozs 
4th Andrew Gooding 5 fish for 11lb 8.5ozs* 
5th Mike Cocks 5 fish for 11lb 8.5ozs* 
6th John Glanfield 3 fish for 6lb 14ozs 
7th Dave Drake 3 fish for 6lb 8ozs* 
8th Alex Johnstone 3 fish for 6lb 8ozs* 
9th Dave Johns 3 fish for 5lb 8ozs 
10th Peter Runnalls 2 fish for 4lb 10ozs 
* Denotes tied weights and the heaviest fish caught by the angler used to decide position. 
Innis - Snowbee Spring Cup -2011 
Saturday 19th March dawned bright and frosty but for the second year in succession this was the perfect start to a perfect day. 
A cold breeze did pick up from the east a few times during the day but not enough to prevent a record day in terms of catch returns with the odd cloud only beraiing the sunshine late in the afternoon. Both lakes produced fish throughout the day and final honours were being disputed right up until the finishing hooter. The eventual stats confirmed 225 feisty, well conditioned fish were caught, between the 34 competitors at an average of 6.6 fish per rod and the winner Bob Lawrence landed a total of 17 fish throughout the day. Bob won himself a top of the range Snowbee Prestige fly rod, the Challenge Trophy and winners cheque for £200. 
After a busy morning and early start, a great lunch was enjoyed by all competitors and officials at the Innis Inn. The Fishery staff did their very best as usual throughout the day to entertain everybody with their typical excellent hospitality and a most enjoyable day was shared by all. 
1st Bob Lawrence 17 Fish 
2nd John Allen 16 Fish 
3rd John Newman 15 Fish 
4th Bob Challenger 13 Fish 
5th Russ Symons 13 Fish 
6th Simon Kidd 13 Fish 
7th Denis Symonds 12 Fish 
8th Alex Johnson 9 Fish 
9th Roger Woodhams 9 Fish 
Snowbee South West Lakes Fly Fishing Team Competition 
A record number of anglers from Devon and Cornwall came to fish in the seventh annual Snowbee South West Lakes Trust Team fly fishing competition at Siblyback Trout Fishery on Sunday 4 July. Eleven teams of four anglers from all over the South West fished from the bank in this floating line competition, competing to win the Snowbee Perpetual Trophy (a handsome bronze sculpture of a rising fish by local artist, Robin Armstrong), as well as South West Lakes Trust fishing tickets and fishing tackle supplied by Snowbee UK (the competition’s sponsor). The high water temperatures, combined with winds and rain, made the fishing conditions challenging, although by the end of the day a respectable number of fish (70 rainbow trout) were caught by the anglers, including three full bags of 6 fish, and fish of 4lb 11oz (Steve Ebdon of Exeter) and 4lb 9oz (Dave Johns of Cornwall). Fish were well spread out around the lake, and caught mainly on lures or dark nymphs, all fished with floating lines (a stipulation of the competition). 
The winning team was ‘The Siblyback Raiders’, consisting of Tony Chipman, Dave Johns, Paul Jones, and Roger Truscott, who between them, caught 19 fish weighing in at 31lb 7oz.. Team Snowbee took second place with12 fish for 19lbs 7oz, with The Hawthorns (Steve Ebdon, Andy Gooding, Peter Kempton, and Dennis Symmonds) catching 8 fish for 15lb 12oz. Prizes were also awarded for the two heaviest fish, and the top four individual heaviest bags. 
Competitors, with winning team (Siblyback Raiders) in centre. 
The prizes of Snowbee fishing tackle and South West Lakes Trust fishing tickets were presented by Simon Kidd (Sales and Marketing Manager of Plymouth based tackle company, Snowbee UK) during the drinks and refreshments which were served after the competition. Other prize winners included a rod for the Heaviest Fish caught (Steve Ebdon), and prizes for the four Heaviest Individual Bags. 
The next trout fishing competition run by the South West Lakes Trust will be the ‘Peninsula 2000’ open boat pairs competition, this year supported by Orvis, which will be held at Wimbleball Lake on Sunday 5 September. 
2010 England Rivers Qualifier 
The regional qualifying round of the Rivers competition was held at Fingle Bridge on the River Teign, the Peninsula Federation organized this annual event and was open to anglers from all over the country. The Peninsula region covers an area from Bristol to Land’s End and organizes this and other fishing events. 
The anglers found the fishing quite difficult this year, mainly due to the low water condition, however there were some notable exceptions. Pete Kempton from Exeter fished in the morning session and managed to catch double the number of fish than his nearest rival. Pete fished the ‘Piddledown’ run and caught his fish using the ‘duo’ method, this is where a dry fly is used on a top dropper and a nymph fished underneath it, all of Pete’s 20 fish came to the nymph. 
The quality of fishing on the River Teign, which is a part of the Upper Teign Association water, is outstanding with 136 measurable fish, up to 32cm, being caught; each fish is measured and then returned carefully to the water. The details of the size of the fish are then recorded by an independent controller, points being awarded for each fish and the overall length of the fish, these points are then totalled up at the end of the competition. 
The winner of the Snowbee Perpetual trophy was local angler Pete Kempton, who caught 20 trout in only 31/2 hours of fishing. 6 anglers will now go on to the National Final to be held at Llangollen on the Dee in August where the top 5 anglers will represent England. 
Snowbee UK Ltd again provided sponsorship for the competition with prizes and the perpetual trophy, pictured below. 
Pictured left to right: Alex Bobba, Lewis Hendrie, John Tyzack, Pete Kempton, Andrew Gooding and Dave Johns. 
Pictured above are the top three anglers from the morning and afternoon sessions. These six anglers will be invited to fish the Rivers National Final on the Welsh Dee in August. 
Below: Winner Pete Kempton being presented with the trophy by competition organizer Andrew Gooding, (pictured left) himself a competitor in this event. In 2011 Andrew Gooding and Alex Bobba have both been selected to represent England in the European Fly Fishing Championships. 
Peninsula Federation Loch Style Qualifier at Blagdon Lake 25th April 2010 
The annual quest for for places in the National Final of the Loch Style fishing started at Blagdon Lake on Sunday 25th April. The event sponsored by Snowbee UK attracted 24 competitors to try and gain a place in the England team. 
The fishing at Blagdon had been unusual, it seemed that all of the fish in the lake were along the North Shore, Orchard Bay and Pegs Point. In practice this information seemed to be accurate, but fish also seemed to be moving along the bank away from the North Shore and further up into Rugmore Bay. This knowledge meant that most of the boats and all of the bank anglers would be concentrated there. 
The winner, Paul Jones, fished along the area from Ash Trees to catch his 8 fish by 12.45 using a Di-5 and two flies, a ‘Blob’ and a Booby and slowly pulling it back and then hanging the flies, Paul had also lost another 6 fish using this method. 
There were fish willing to take a more natural fly in Rugmore Bay and these could be caught using a floating line and Diawl Bachs, until the wind picked and made this method very difficult. Towards the end of the match boats tended to make their way back to the lodge area and Home Bay, where some found fish that hadn’t shown up before this weekend, one angler caught his eighth fish with 20 minutes to go using the floating line method. One angler was playing a fish here when a pike grabbed the fish and started to swim off with it, the angler managed to turn both fish and got them back to the boat, the pike then let go of the fish and managed to knock it off the hook as well, it was that fish’s lucky day! 
1st Paul Jones 8 fish for 19lbs 1oz 
2nd Mike Cocks 8 fish for 18lbs 4 ozs 
3rd Tony Chipman 8 fish for 15lbs 0oz 
4th Peter Kempton 6 fish for 13lbs 13ozs 
5th Mark Stevens 7 fish for 12lbs 7ozs 
6th Dave Johns 6 fish for 11lbs 6ozs 
Beautiful Blagdon lodge and competitors getting ready for this year's competition. 
2010 competitors trying to look as though they enjoy being photographed, 'get on with it, we just want to go fishing'. 
Winner, Paul Jones, being presented with his prize and the hand carved Snowbee Perpetual Trophy by Marketing Manager Simon Kidd. Paul Jones subsequently went on to win the National Final held at Chew Valley Lake in September, with the only 8 fish limit of the day and will represent the England Loch Style Team at the Home International in 2011. Mike Cocks and Peter Kempton will also join Paul having qualified above and finished in 12th and 24th places respectively, in the National event. 
BRFFA –Snowbee Spring competition 
The annual BRFFA open day on Chew was held on Sunday 11th April 2010 with nearly 50 entrants and plenty of prizes, courtesy of the main sponsors, Snowbee UK Ltd. This day usually proves to be extremely popular and kicks off the spring season for many and this year proved no exception. After grim reports of how the Chew had been fishing since the start of the season, the fishing was superb, despite the coninuing cold winds that have blown relentlessy since xmas it would seem. 
A cold, stiff breeze blew from the north east all day, but if you could find some shelter there were good fish to be caught and a variety of methods proved successful. Nymphs and buzzers proved most successful and the quality of fish was excellent. Plenty of fish were feeding if you were in the right places and if brave enough could be taken on dries too. The event is a joint bank and boat compettioon to decide tehn overall winner and invaraibly the mobility of the boats proves more successful but for a pleasant change the bank Anglers reigned supreme with lots of good fish still hugging the shallows near the shore. 
Overall winner was Dave Dodds (Bank!!) with 8 fish 22lbs 1oz (including a 6lbs-10oz rainbow) Dave won a new top of the range New Prestige 10ft #7wt rod worth £200 and a pair of the new Polarising Magnalite Sunglasses 
Dave Dodds Bank Plate and overall winner, plus Pete Ford Boat Champion pictured with Snowbee Sales & Marketing Manager Simon Kidd. 
Individual top bank rod Sean Torrington had 8 fish17lbs 14oz and won himslef the New Geo 790 Cassette reel. 
2nd bank, Rod Newton 8 fish 16-10, 
3rd bank Tony Torrington 8 fish 15-09, 
4th bank Dev Stickley 8 fish 15-00. 
Top boat rod Pete Ford had 8 fish 18lbs 2oz and also won a New Geo 790 Cassette reel. 
2nd boat Sam Blackwood (in his first Chew competition) 8 fish 17-13 
3rd boat Ron Tutt 8 fish17-07 
4th boat Tony Baldwin 8 fish 16-09 
Best fish not in the prizes above came from boats for Peter Kempton, a 4lbs 3oz Rainbow 
47 anglers fished the competition with 36 on the boats and 11 bank. They caught a total of 268 fish with a rod average of 5.55 on the boats and 6.18 from the bank! 
An excellent average weight of fish for the day was just over 2 lbs. 
Martin Cottis plays a good rainbow caught on dries during the afternoon 
The prize winners at Chew BRFFA with local guide and BRFFA Club event organiser Martin Cottis 
Snowbee UK have once again sponsored this annual event and have supplied a superb selection of prizes. Innis Fishery and the anglers competing would like to express their appreciation for the support that Snowbee UK continue to give. 
Innis Fishery had obviously pleased the weather gods, the lower lake had been drained to carry out work to remove the excessive weed growth and was drained during February to do the work. 
The removal of the weed was to help anglers fish different depths and methods throughout the year and was carried out by a team of volunteers. 
The lakes are fed from a spring fed river and this obviously helped in this transformation. 
The difference in fishing was amazing to watch, from only having a few inches of fishable water to over 15 feet of fishable depths and the myriad of methods and flies that this allowed. 
The only stipulation with this competition, as it is a totally catch and release event, is that there is no 'booby' fishing. 
Although the numbers competing were down this year the field contained 4 England Internationals, including the current England Loch Style Team Manager and produced a rod average of 9.2 fish per angler, the best ever for this event. The fishing got of to a furious start with fish coming to the net from the first hooter. All of the fish were witnessed by an independent controller and then carefully returned to the water. 
The fish were spread out in both lakes, although there were several ‘hotspots’ these tended to change during the day giving everybody a fair chance to catch the beautifully conditioned fish. 
Considering the weather yesterday the competition could not have been held in better conditions, with overcast sky and occasional sunny spells to get the early season insect hatching. 
The 2010 competition was the most closely fought for a long time with several angler going into the last half hour with a good chance of winning. When the results were announced there were 2 anglers who had both caught a fantastic 18 fish, Craig Barr, England Team manager and Kevin Hockley. The results went down to who caught the first of their fish, and this went to Kevin Hockley. Kevin caught his first fish at 9:47 beating Craig into 2nd place and was presented with his Trophy,prizes and a cheque for £150 by Snowbee’s sales and marketing manager Simon Kidd 
Winner Kevin Hockley being presented with his trophy and prizes by Snowbee Sales & Marketing Manager Simon Kidd and Innis Fishery Co-owner, Dave Johns. 
England Rivers Qualifier - (South West heat 2009 - River Teign) 
The South West heat to reach the National Finals for this prestigious event took place at the picturesque setting on the River Teign at Fingle Bridge. 22 anglers from as far away as West Yorkshire and Derbyshire having entered this event. 
The anglers were not disappointed with the quality of fishing with 183 measurable fish being caught; each fish is measured and then returned carefully to the water. The details of the size of the fish are then recorded by an independent controller, points being awarded for each fish and the overall length of the fish, these points are then totalled up at the end of the competition. 
The winner of the Snowbee Perpetual trophy was local angler Andrew Gooding, who amassed over 1000 points for the 27 trout he caught, this huge score was achieved in only 3 1/2 hours of fishing. 
Snowbee UK Ltd again provided support for the competition providing prizes and the perpetual trophy. 
Pictured left are the top 3 anglers from the morning and afternoon sessions. 
Left to Right: Pete Kempton, Tony Baldwin, John Tyzack, Andrew Gooding, Richard Cobbledick & David Long. 
Loch Style Qualifier Sponsored by Snowbee UK Ltd Blagdon Lake 26th April 2009 
This prestigious qualifying event to find the top anglers to fish for England took place after some very unsettled weather, the previous day, where anglers on Chew Valley Lake were buffeted with high winds. The anglers who competed at Blagdon were luckier however with lightish winds for most of the day and brighter weather. (As pictured right) 
In the weeks leading up to this competition the lake had been fishing exceptionally well, but with the change in weather the fishing became more challenging. Fish were being caught very early in the competition but the unpredictability of trout fishing soon came into play. 
Anglers who were catching well seemed to find it difficult to keep finding fish willing to take the fly, this allowed some of the other competitors to catch up. The top end of the lake, along with the areas around the dam were the place to be and the preferred method was a floating line with small nymphs retrieved very slowly. 
The eventual winner, Simon Kidd from Plymouth, caught all of his fish at the top end of the lake using a variety of methods. As always it seemed that there would be a large number of bag limits, but this fear proved unfounded, with only 5 bag limits appearing at the scales. 
The rod average for the competition was 4.8 fish per angler with an average weight of 2.2lbs per fish, this due to the excellent stocking policy of Bristol Water. 
Snowbee UK Ltd once again supported this event with an array of prizes and the Perpetual Trophy for the winner. 
Pete kempton with a full finned 3lb 6oz Blagdon rainbow in this year's qualifier. 
BRFFA Spring Shield 
Saturday 18th April yielded another superb day of fishing on Chew, in this years annual spring Club event supported by Snowbee UK Ltd. Fish were still hard on Buzzers and the Dam, Herons, Nunnery and Moreton provided the best of the fishing. Early morning there was plenty of cloud cover and fish were high in the water with odd ones feeding off the top. As the wind picked up and the sun came out however, things changed and buzzers on long leaders proved most effective. After a brief purple patch early afternoon, it did become progressively harder for many, but a great day was enjoyed by all with high spirits and some excellent fish being caught. 
Tony Baldwin took top individual honours on the day from the Boat, with a bag weight of 8 fish for 20lbs 4oz with Mark Withyman a close 2nd and top boat angler after Tony with 19lbs 13oz. Dev Stickley had the top bag from the bank of 18lbs 10oz. Tony won a Brand new top of the range Geo 790 fly reel and line outfit ,whilst both the top boat and bank anglers won a new Snowbee Diamond fly Rod. Other tackle prizes were awarded for top placings with all prize winners taking home some of the brand new Fluoro-tec Flouorocarbon for even better success in the future. 
The fishing was so good to start with in fact that several bank anglers, who started their match earlier, had finished fishing before the boat anglers ventured onto the water! 
64 fished in total, 18 from the bank and 46 on the boats. 
After the event a meal was enjoeyd by all the competitors put on in the Woodford Lodge and during the dinner a cake was presented by BRFFA to celebrate Snowbees 25 years as popular manufacturer and distributor in the game fishing Industry 
Royston Jennings with his lovely 6lbs 3oz Brown Trout 
Simon Kidd accepting the presentation on behalf of Snowbee UK Ltd 
Innis Spring Cup - 2009 
Saturday saw the best weather this competition had ever seen, far from the usual cold wet weather the competitors were used to, the sun was shining there was a gentle breeze, still a little bit on the cold side, but a welcome change from the March weather of previous years. 
35 anglers were competing for the prestigious title along with a prize list worth over £1500. Snowbee Uk Ltd were the main sponsors and once again provided top quality prizes of Diamond Rods, the new Geo Reel, clothing Fly lines and nets. Following previous years the organisers awarded several prizes to competitors not at the very top of the list as well. Among these were junior angler Thomas Pearce, who had beaten a number of respected senior anglers in the process. 
The lunch time break saw a change from previous years, nobody had landed more than 5 fish and there were at least 4 anglers on that total. This meant that every body was still in the running for the top cash prize of £200. 
The afternoon session, usually the time when the fish have their siesta, was totally different. Anglers were limited to catching a maximum of 5 fish from any one peg were doing just that, with several taking this ‘limit’ from their vantage points. 
Eventual winner, Pete Kempton from Exeter, did just this adding 10 fish to his 5 fish morning session. Pete caught his 15 fish total using an intermediate line with a tadpole type barbless fly to allow the fish to be safely returned to the water. 
Eventual winner, Pete Kempton from Exeter, did just this adding 10 fish to his 5 fish morning session. Pete caught his 15 fish total using an intermediate line with a tadpole type barbless fly to allow the fish to be safely returned to the water 
Pictured above: Russell Symons landing an Innis Rainbow 
Pictured Left to Right: Russell Weston, Snowbee UK Manging Director, Simon Kidd Snowbee UK Sales Manager, Pete Kempton 2009 Innis Spring Cup Winner & Dave Johns Innis Fishery owner. 
South West England River Eliminator - 2008 (River Teign) 
The local South West heat to select anglers to represent England fly-fishing on rivers in 2010, took place on Saturday the 31st of May, at the beautiful location of Fingle Bridge on the river Teign. The heat attracted anglers from as far away as Lancashire as well as many local anglers. 26 anglers were all trying to qualify to represent England next year. The field was strong with no less than 10 of the anglers having represented England before at National, European and World Championship level. Snowbee, who support the local federation, provided prizes for the top anglers on the day, as well as the hand carved trophy, that the top individual receives. 
The weather had been unpredictable all week with localized thunderstorms causing the river to rise rapidly. Fortunately the water conditions settled and the water was looking good, and improving as the day progressed. The competitors were divided into two sections, one group fishing, while the second acted as controllers. The controllers measured every fish and then returned them unharmed to the water. 
The quality of the fishing on the section of the Teign once again proved to be outstanding, with 214 trout caught up to 36 centimeters in length. There was also one Sea trout of about 2.5lb caught, by local angler Darren Everitt but unfortunately this ‘bar of silver’ did not count towards the result and was safely returned unmeasured. 
The final placings were very close with local anglers taking all of the top 6 positions. In overall first place was Launceston angler Denis Symonds, who qualifies for the national final again having done so on both Loch style and Rivers in recent years. 
The full result was divided into the morning and afternoon sessions 
1. Denis Symonds from Launceston 
2. Alex Bobba from Uffculme 
3. Peter Kempton from Exeter 
1. Robert Dadd from Newton Abbott 
2. Simon Kidd from Plymouth 
3. Martin Burgess from Somerset 
All above hope to have done enough to reach the last 32 who will contest the national final on the River Tees later this year, where the top 6 will represent The Snowbee Sponsored England rivers team in 2009. 
Right: Denis Symonds – Southwest Regional Rivers Champion 2008 
Peninsula Loch Style Eliminator 
Steve Ebdon is pictured here on Sunday 27th April at Blagdon, winning the 2008 South West Peninsula final qualifying event for the English National. After a tense wait, on a superb fishing day, where no less than 166 fish were caught by the 26 Anglers fishing, at a rod average of 6.4 fish (no less than eight weighing in at over 3lbs) a loud cheer went up as Steve Ebdon was announced a very popular and worthy winner. 
Snowbee have sponsored this local South West regional qualifying event for several years now and will continue to do so next year. Steve won the coveted perpetual Trout Trophy and a new XSD 780 5 spool outfit with matching Snowbee fly line. 
England Rivers Eliminator. River Teign 3rd June 2007. Sponsored by Snowbee UK 
The final heat to select the 32 finalists to compete for a coveted England cap in 2008 took place on Sunday at the beautiful location of the River Teign at Fingle Bridge. 
26 competitors assembled in a bid to fill the last places in the final. The event is split into morning and afternoon sessions, with the top anglers from each session going through to the final. 
After meeting their partners for the day the big question was where to start fishing? With 11 miles to choose from the anglers were evenly spread in the main areas. 
The morning session proved to be the more difficult with the trout reluctant to feed. This was reflected in the results, with the best morning bag being 9 fish, this was caught by Snowbee UK’s marketing manager and England international Simon Kidd. Simon also caught the largest fish of the day, a fantastic brown trout of 41cm. 
The afternoon session proved a little easier for some anglers, England internationals Peter Kempton from Exeter and Richard Cobbledick from Launceston caught 14 and 13 trout respectively. 
The anglers at the Fingle Bridge pub keenly awaited the results. 
In the morning session; 
1st with 9 fish was Simon Kidd from Plymouth. 
2nd with 8 fish was Andrew Gooding from Newton Abbot. 
3rd with 8 fish was Denis Symonds from Launceston. 
In the Afternoon session; 
1st with 14 fish was Peter Kempton from Exeter. 
2nd with 13 fish was Richard Cobbledick from Launceston. 
3rd with 8 fish was last years overall winner, Robert Dadd from Newton Abbot. 
This years overall winner collecting the magnificent perpetual trophy donated by Snowbee UK was Peter Kempton, seen below being presented with the trophy by Simon Kidd from Snowbee UK. 
The winners will contest the final, held this year on the River Dart in July. 
The Snowbee National English Rivers Final 2007 
The Snowbee National English Rivers Final 2007 took place on the East & West Dart on Monday 23rd July. The build-up to this prestigious event saw many of the top river anglers in the country travelling down to Dartmoor to practice on the Duchy water and develop tactics to tempt the native, wild brown trout. With almost constant rain in the area for some time, the river was high and coloured.The vast majority of the qualifiers were present for the Official Practice Day on the Friday to refine their tactics and try to identify likely fish holding areas. In the evening, the Public Draw for Beats took place in the Badger’s Holt, Dartmeet. Officials from the Confederation of English Fly Fishers (CEFF), the event organisers, supervised the draw, which was witnessed by many local anglers who had volunteered to act as controllers for the competition. 
Saturday was a Rest Day for the river but the anglers could ‘walk’ their Beats and locate the nearest parking areas. Meanwhile, a number of the controllers gathered at Fingle Bridge on the nearby River Teign to compete in their own competition. Although most were newcomers to competition fishing they had a most enjoyable day. Graham Lumsdon from County Antrim won the morning session with David Long from Totnes taking the honours in the afternoon. 
Sunday was also a Rest Day for the river but Mount House School; Tavistock was the scene of a Fly Fishing Open Day, aimed at those new to the sport as well as the more experienced angler. 
Snowbee (UK) Ltd, the sponsors of the National Final, hosted a Fly-Casting clinic with an opportunity to ‘have a go’. Also present were Yelverton artist Robin Armstrong with a selection of his pictures; Keith & Sandra Armishaw of River Reads, Torrington with a vast array of rare fishing books and antique tackle; Peter & Gillian Wildash of Mayo Flycraft, Dorset who demonstrated fly-tying and had flies for sale. There was also a second-hand tackle stand and spirit raffles. 
A wet Monday morning saw the 32 Final competitors arrive at the HQ, The Fountain Room, Two Bridges Hotel, to ‘sign-in’, receive their scorecards and get paired off with each of their controllers for the day. Each controller stays with his angler throughout the day to ensure they conform to the CEFF Rules, accurately measure and record their catch and witness the careful release of the trout back into the river. Head Controller, Brian Easterbrook, a Dartmoor fishing guide oversaw the briefings and dealt with last minute queries. Stuart Wardle (England Rivers Team Manager) then thanked Russell Weston, MD Snowbee (UK) Ltd for his generous sponsorship of the event and his continuing support of the Rivers Team. Russell, in his reply, was delighted that the Final had returned to the South West and that Snowbee had played such a major role. 
John Tyzack, a fly fishing guide from Stockport became National Rivers Champion for the second year running. This was the fifth time that John has lifted this trophy and confirms him as one of the best river anglers on the competition circuit.Local angler, Alex Bobba from Uffculme will gain his first England Cap after finishing Runner Up. Perikles Karageorgopoulos, a former England Rivers Team member from Kent was third. Mike Tinnion from Keswick in Cumbria, a regular World Team member was fourth. Local angler Andrew Gooding from Newton Abbot, who also qualified last year, came fifth. Successful methods included a combination of dry fly & small copper or gold-headed nymphs with a catch ratio of about 50/50, although John reports that for him, it changed to 85/15 in the afternoon. Richard Cobbledick from Launceston, a former Loch-Style International came close in sixth position and will travel with Snowbee Team England as Reserve, when they compete in Scotland in 2008. A total of 351 fish were caught, the best being 30.6cm by Tony Fox from London. CEFF trophies presented by Baz and a range of Snowbee tackle & clothing presented by Russell, were awarded to all the above. 
Loch Style Eliminator - Blagdon Lake, Somerset 
The competition has held in what had been a difficult period of fishing at Blagdon. The catch rate was not one to recommend a visit to the lake and practice sessions by the competitors had proved to be challenging. With this in mind the organizers were apprehensive about the chance of gaining a full result. 
As it transpired, thanks to Bristol Water and the weather conditions, the fears proved to be groundless. The competition started in bright sunshine and a fairly brisk chilly wind. Local boat anglers had been catching at anchor in ‘Home Bay’ and ‘Butcombe Bay’ but these fish were hard on the bottom feeding on buzzers, this is not easy to achieve from a fast drifting boat as the fish required the presentation to be static. Thankfully the wind dropped and the fish started to feed normally. The majority of the anglers headed to Home Bay, with the odd boat going to Butcombe. The boats in Home Bay saw immediate results with Simon Kidd catching 5 on the first drift. Simon went on to complete a limit but with relatively small fish. 
The eventual winner, Dave Grove, who was Butcombe Bay managed to find some larger fish. 
The quality of the fish is something special at fisheries run by Bristol Water; the rod average for the day was 4.5 fish per rod. Of these there were 4 fish over 3lbs, 4 fish over 4lbs and 3 fish over 5lbs, The best being 5lb 14ozs caught by Cornish angler Tony Chipman. 
The top three were; 
1st Dave Grove 8 fish for 21lbs 15ozs. (Newton Abbott) 
2nd Peter Kempton 8 fish for 21lbs 101/2ozs. (Exeter) 
3rd Dave Johns 8 fish for 19lbs 7ozs. (St. Austell) 
Snowbee Sponsored Brffa event 
Snowbee Uk have sponsored the Brffa event at Chew Valley lake for the past 5 years, this years boat event was won by Team Snowbee captain and England International Andy Cottam. 
The bank section was won by John Bowen. The happy winners are being presented with their prizes by Snowbee UK Managing Director Russell Weston and new Marketing Manager Simon Kidd, himself an England International. 
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