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Snowbee Waders 
In 1984 we introduced the very first Snowbee lightweight PVC waders to the UK market and we have been ‘setting the standard’ in wader innovation ever since. It is fair to say that we changed angling comfort for ever and after 30 years, we still remain number one in wader technology – something we’re justly proud of. 
They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery and since those early days, just about every brand on the world market has followed our lead & now use similar, lightweight materials for their waders. As the world leaders in wader technology however, we have not been resting on our laurels; we are constantly developing new materials, ideas and designs, which keep Snowbee in their rightful place… as No.1 in waders! 
Flyfisher tackle Awards Winner 2012
In 2012 we launched the Prestige ST Breathable Range, which were undoubtedly the best waders we had ever made! And to confirm this, in their first year this new range was voted the ‘Best Breathable Waders of 2012’ by Total Flyfisher’s readers. If that wasn’t endorsement enough, they have just been voted ‘Best Breathable Waders of 2013’ also! 
Flyfisher tackle Awards Winner 2013
For 2014… we have gone one better! Our new SFT (Seamless Fusion Technology) waders, use the very latest sonic-weld seam technology, to create a virtually ‘seamless’ wader. Not only are the seams completely flat, with no ‘stitched hem-line’ to catch or chafe, but this new technology results in seams that are virtually ‘leak-proof’. By removing the limitations of stitched seams, it allows us to design waders with innovative cutting patterns, where the leg seams start at the crotch and then spiral around behind the leg, finishing at the heel, for greater comfort and freedom of movement.  
The lack of stitched seams also reduces the weight considerably and our new waders weigh in at under 1kg, which is around 20-25% less than most of their rivals. Less weight results in all-day comfort for the angler.  
For those anglers not looking for breathables, we have the widest choice of models, materials and sizes on the market today. From basic PVC waders, through tough nylon waders, to our top-selling Granite Neoprene range, there really is a wader for every purpose. In addition, we cover the widest size range on the market today, with boot sizes available from size 3 to 15, plus our popular ‘Fuller Body’ (FB) sizes. 
SFT Breathable Waders 
Our NEW SFT Breathable waders use Seamless Fusion Technology to produce a virtually seamless wader. Rather than the conventional seam construction of double hemmed, stitched seams, with heat tape applied over the internal 
stitching, our new models use a Sonic-Welding technique that seamlessly fuses the material together, leaving a completely flat profile. 
Not only does this make the waders far lighter, but there are no seam ridges to rub and cause chafe, which can lead to a seam leak. 
This new technology allows far more flexibility in the wader design, as you are no longer limited to “straight line” seams. In addition, all external pockets and belt loops are applied, using the same sonic-welding technique, so nothing breaks the integrity of the material, making these waders far more reliable and far less prone to leaks of any description. 
Made from a top quality 3-layer nylon material and using our well proven Vapour-Tec® breathable membrane to provide quality performance, keeping you cool, dry and comfortable all day. 
Nylon outer shell, treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish 
Vapour-Tec® laminated breathable membrane 
Class-leading Hydrostatic Water Pressure resistance (W/P): 20,000mm H2O 
Breathability: Moisture Vapour Transfer (MVT): 4,000g/m2/24hrs 
Swiss made Riri Zips on Zip-front model 
External, welded waterproof pockets, with water-resistant zips 
Adjustable webbing braces with quick-release buckles and accessory D-rings 
Elasticated chest draw-cord with toggle-lok adjusters 
Adjustable webbing wading belt included 
Integral gravel guards with elasticated bottom and webbing lacing hook tab 
4mm Neoprene socks with Hypalon sole panel 
11176 SFT Breathable Waders 
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL 
11178 SFT Zip-Front Stockingfoot Chest 
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL 
The Snowbee Breathable range feature our Vapour-Tec® System - totally new materials, with tough outer shell and Breathable Inner Membrane, allowing vapour transfer to keep you dry and comfortable all day. 
Prestige ST Breathable Waders 
The Prestige ST range has been our most successful breathable wader ever, winning the prestigious Total Flyfisher’s Tackle Award for ‘Best Breathable Wader’ in 2012 and again in 2013! 
Last year we decided it was time to completely re-design the top-selling Prestige range, to put Snowbee back in their rightful position… as No.1 in waders! The Prestige ST range does just that, with a range of waders to compete with the very best on the market, irrespective of price! 
Our ‘Soft-Touch’ material takes breathable wader technology onto a completely new level. This top quality breathable material is a blend of 10% nylon and 90% polyester, to provide strength & durability. However, what sets it apart is the outer layer, which has a brushed nylon ‘soft touch’ finish. Not only does this look and feel superb, but the ‘peach-skin’ finish makes it totally flexible and ‘silent’. No more feeling as though you’re walking along in a crisp packet! 
The outer material is DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated, while the inner laminate utilises our highly reliable Vapour-Tec® breathable membrane, for superior breathability and hydrostatic water pressure resistance. 
The ST range utilises a totally new cutting style and extensive trials of the prototype waders have shown these to be the best fitting, most comfortable waders we have ever made. The design of the front pocket provides a hand-warmer pocket, a large zipped fly-box pocket plus an outer mesh tippet spool pocket, all in one. 
All models come fitted with our Lumbar Support Wading Belt, which features a Neoprene, contoured lumbar support for all-day wading comfort. 
11151 Prestige ST Zip-Front Stockingfoot Chest Waders- See size chart> 
Our Zip-Front model features a full length Riri front zip guaranteed to a pressure of 1.7 bar. These premium, Swiss made waterproof zips have proved to be totally reliable in the six years we have been making zip-front waders. This offers an invaluable ‘convenience’ factor, when you need a ‘pit-stop!’ 
The 4mm Neoprene socks fitted to these waders, feature a new cutting design, making them the best fitting, most comfortable, we have ever worn. In addition to the Hypalon sole panel, which prevents heel compression leaks, this cutting style tapers the ankles, to remove excess material, which can otherwise crease up inside your wading boots. The 3 panel design ensures all the seams run around and not under your foot, for a more ‘moulded’ fit and added comfort. 
The integral gravel guards have front lacing hooks and rubberised elastication around the bottom, to prevent them riding up when walking. 
Sizes: Available in our standard fitting, plus our popular Fuller Body (FB) fitting, which is approx 15% larger on the body size. 
11151 Prestige Zip Front
Prestige ST Breathable Waders 
‘Soft-Touch’ Nylon/Polyester NT Moss fabric with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment 
Hydrostatic Water Pressure resistance (W/P): 15000 mm H2O 
Breathability: Moisture Vapour Transfer (MVT): 4000 g/m2/24hrs 
3-in-1 front pockets 
Adjustable webbing braces, with quick release buckles 
Lumbar support wading belt included 
D-rings on belt loops for wading staff clip etc 
Re-enforced knee and seat pads for abrasion and puncture resistance 
Elasticated chest draw cord, with toggle-lok adjusters 
11174 Prestige ST Stockingfoot Waist Waders- See size chart> 
Following the phenomenal success of the Chest model, we have been constantly asked for a Waist version. Favoured by boat anglers and small river fishers where deep wading is not necessary, the waist version offers just that bit more protection than thigh waders, for greater flexibility, when shallow wading. Similar features to the Chest model, but in a waist height. Fitted with a front fly zip for convenience, with an inner waterproof gusset and our popular Lumbar Support Wading belt, as standard. 
11174 Prestige Stockingfoot Waist Waders
11172 Prestige ST Stockingfoot Chest Waders- See size chart> 
The same features as the Zip-front model, but in a standard chest style. This new model offers the very best value for money of any breathable wader on the market 
11172 Prestige Stockingfoot Waders
Our new neoprene sock uses a 3-panel design with tapered ankles for a much better fit 
Heavy-duty reinforced knee and seat pads for additional protection where you need it most 
Our Lumbar Support belt offers back-support where it’s needed, for allday wading comfort. 
Innovative new pocket designs incorporate a hand-warmer pocket, large, zipped fly-box pocket and a mesh tippet spool pocket 
Prestige ST Breathable Bootfoot Waders 
They’re back! By popular demand we have re-sourced a new, top quality Rubber Boot to equip our bootfoot model with, making them quite simply, the best bootfoot wader on the market… bar none! 
11141-02 Prestige ST Zip-Front Bootfoot Chest - Combi Sole- See size chart> 
11141-02 Prestige ST Breathable Zip-Front Bootfoot
11163-02 Prestige ST Bootfoot Chest Waders- See size chart> 
Our Bootfoot models for 2014, use the same upper as our popular stockingfoot model, but feature our new, heavy-duty Rubber Boot, which is unique to Snowbee. Hand laminated rubber, with a steel sole shank in the mid-sole, to prevent torsion, they offer greater protection and rigidity. A thick, heavy duty sole ensures wading comfort, without feeling those sharp stones through the sole.  
Fitted with our well-proven Combi Felt-sole with a deep cleated heel, deep enough to take studs, for the best grip both in the river and on the bank. A rubber-foam lining provides good insulation, then a further Thinsulate™ material inner lining, retains the warmth. This replaces the more normal neoprene lining, making these ideal for anyone with a Neoprene allergy.  
Available in both a standard body and our popular Zip-front model, offering the widest choice of breathable waders on the market today. 
11162 Prestige Bootfoot Chest Waders
Heavy-duty rubber boot – hand laminated rubber, with a steel sole shank in the mid-sole, to prevent torsion and offer greater protection and rigidity. 
Ranger Breathable Waders 
Our lightweight Ranger Breathable waders offer superb performance, coupled with outstanding value for money. 
11171 Ranger Breathable Chest Waders- See size chart> 
The conventional stockingfoot chest model features a front flap pocket, 4mm neoprene socks, built-in gravel guards, with lacing clips, plus an adjustable webbing wading belt. The fully adjustable webbing braces feature a rear elasticated section for comfort when bending down and are fully removable if required. The brace clips are reversed, so you cannot get them crossed and they can be clipped together, so the waders can be rolled down into a waist wader, if required. 
Nylon outer material treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating 
Vapour-Tec laminated breathable membrane 
Hydrostatic Water Pressure resistance (W/P): 10,000mm H2O 
Breathability: Moisture Vapour Transfer (MVT): 4,000g/m2/24hrs 
Internal, waterproof flap pocket 
Adjustable webbing braces, with quick release buckles 
Elasticated chest draw cord, with toggle-lok adjusters 
Sizes: Stocking Foot: S, M, M-FB, L, L-FB, XL, XL-FB, XXL 
11171 Ranger Breathable Chest Waders
11171-KIT Ranger Wader / Wading Boot Outfit 
Match up our Ranger Breathable Waders, with a pair of the lightweight, Felt-Sole 'Ranger' Wading Boots for a top performance wading system at an unbelievable price! For £20 extra, to the cost of the waders, add a pair of the Ranger Felt Sole wading boots to make up the complete Wading Boot Outfit. (Eg Outfit Price £149 - £159) dependant upon body fit (Standard or FB) and remember to order one size up on the boot, than your normal shoe size.  
11171-Kit Ranger Wader / Wading Boot Outfit
11182-01 Ranger Breathable Bootfoot Chest Waders 
We have constantly been asked for an affordable, cleated-sole bootfoot breathable wader for sea and coarse fishing anglers, and the reservoir fisher where felt-soles are not required. 
Our new bootfoot version of the popular Ranger waders, offers just that. Fitted with a PVC moulded boot, with a cleated sole and heel giving a sure-grip on grass, mud, gravel, sand or rocks. A full Neoprene boot lining provides extra warmth, even in the coldest water. 
Sizes Bootfoot: 6-12 
FB Size: 8-12 
Sole Detail 
Ranger Boots
Boot Detail 
11171 Ranger Boot Detail
Belt Detail 
11171 Ranger Belt Detail
Sock Detail 
11171 Ranger Sock Detail
Granite Neoprene Waders 
Our range of Granite Neoprene Waders take Neoprene wader design onto a new level, with some innovative design features! 
We chose the name ‘GRANITE’ for these waders, to reflect what this range is all about… rugged, tough and dependable. 
The range uses a top quality 100% SCR Neoprene (Styrene Chloroprene Rubber), to ensure they stay elastic, throughout their life, for extended wear. Fitted with a 100% rubber, hand-laminated boot, the innovation doesn’t stop there. The inner nylon lining has been replaced with a fine, laminated micro-fleece, offering additional warmth and comfort, even in the coldest conditions. 
Another innovation from Snowbee! ‘Roll-down’ facility on the chest waders. Opposing clips on the braces allow the waders to be rolled-down to waist level and the braces clipped together to form a belt. Ideal, when shallow wading, or a lot of walking is involved. A simple idea… and another example of Snowbee innovation! 
4mm double lined, 100% SCR Neoprene 
Micro-fleece inner lining, for additional warmth 
High back style with integral neoprene braces for additional warmth across the shoulders and top of back 
Elasticated front adjusters with quick release plastic buckles. 
Front pouch pocket, plus additional hand-warmer pocket behind 
Unique 3-part knee pads – double layer neoprene, plus 2-piece resin impregnated knee pad which is puncture and chafe resistant 
2-part outer knee pad allows flexibility for greater kneeling comfort 
Hand laminated rubber boots, with steel sole-shank built into midsole reduces torsion and protects from piercing injury 
Available in two sole options: Cleated and Combination felt-sole 
Available in Standard and ‘Fuller Body’ sizes, in Olive Green colour 
Rubber Boots 
Our bootfoot model is fitted with a quality hand-laminated rubber boot. Fitted with a steel sole shank built into the mid-sole. This reduces torsion and protects the foot from sharp stones or piercing injury. 
We have also eliminated the old Neoprene boot lining, which can cause problems, and replaced this with a layer of rubber-foam for insulation from the cold, then an inner layer of Thinsulate™ lining, to help retain heat. This arrangement provides a much more comfortable ‘fitting’ boot, with added warmth. The top of the boot is fitted with an innovative ‘roll-up’ rubber sealing strip, to ensure the boot join remains 100% waterproof. 
Sole Options: Available in either a ‘Commando pattern’ deep tread sole for general use, or our Combination felt-sole / cleated heel for maximum grip in rivers. 
12081-02 Neoprene Bootfoot
12080 4mm Neoprene Stockingfoot Chest Waders- See size chart> 
The same features as the Bootfoot models, but in a Stockingfoot style. 
Unique 3-panel design Neoprene sock - no seams run under the foot 
Shaped foot design to avoid slack material inside your wading boots 
Hypalon sole panel prevents compression at the heel area 
Integral Neoprene Gravel Guard, with front lacing hook 
Sizes: S (5-6), M (7-8), L (9-10), XL (11-12), XXL (13-14) 
12081 4mm Neoprene Bootfoot Chest Waders- See size chart> 
Our top-selling Bootfoot model is available in either a ‘Commando pattern’ deep tread Cleated sole, or our Combi Felt-Sole. 
Sizes: 6 to 13 
12081FB Fuller Body (FB) sizes- See size chart> 
The same features as our standard Neoprene waders, but with body sizes approximately 15% larger. 
Sizes: 8 to 12 only 
12081JNR Junior / Ladies sizes- See size chart> 
The same features as our standard bootfoot range, but in smaller sizes, designed specifically for Juniors and Ladies. Fitted with our Combi Felt-Sole, for all-round grip. 
Sizes: 4 (37) & 5 (38). 
12080 Stockingfoot Chest Waders
12082 4mm Cleated Sole Neoprene Thigh Waders- See size chart> 
Ideal for reservoir fishing, or where extra warmth is required. The 4mm Neoprene, plus micro-fleece lining, provides total insulation when standing in cold water for long periods. Adjustable belt straps with quick release buckles. 
Sizes: 6 to 13 
12082 Cleated Sole Thigh Waders
Granite Knee Detail
sole options
‘Rockhopper' Boots 
We are constantly asked for the return of our famous ‘Spike-Sole’ boots which would grip on anything. Well here they are, but in a new, 21st century style! 
13081-05 Rockhopper Boots
13081-05 ‘Rockhopper’ Boots 
A hand laminated rubber boot, bonded to a Neoprene lining and upper, for the ultimate in warmth and comfort. 
Add our famous ‘Spike- Sole’ and you have the ultimate boot for any occasion where deep wading is not required. Our Spike Sole consists of hardened steel spikes, set between deep rubber ‘cleats’ so they are able to ‘flex’, which is what gives them their outstanding grip. We haven’t yet found a surface this sole will not grip on – even ice! 
Colour: Black with grey trim and red lining 
Sizes: 6 to 11 
< Spike Soles 
13167-05 Rockhopper Neoprene Wading Boots
13167-05 Rockhopper Neoprene Wading Boots 
Our Rockhopper Wading Boots originated in Japan for rock fishing, where good grip is essential. Fitted with our unique Spike Sole, these boots offer the ultimate grip on any surface – particularly weed covered rocks, where other soles fail. The flexible, hardened steel spikes cut down through the weed, to grip the rock below and will even grip in icy conditions. 
Neoprene uppers with a side zip closure they are equally suitable for ‘wet wading’ in the summer months or overseas. Please note: For use over stockingfoot waders, we recommend you go up one size on your normal shoe size. 
Size /Colour: 
Available in sizes: 4 -12. Black/Grey 
19025 Rockhopper Wader-Grips
19025 Rockhopper Wader-Grips 
These ingenious Wader-Grips, can be used on any waders or wading boots, to give additional grip on slippery surfaces, whether algae covered rocks, dam walls or even ice! 
Simply fasten the Wader-Grips to your boots, for instant, extra grip. The thermoplastic rubber material is highly elastic, so they will stretch to fit a wide range of boot sizes. 
Ideal for anyone who has to walk long distances to their fishing, so wants cleated soles, but then requires extra grip in the river or reservoir bank, or rocky shoreline. Each Wader-Grip is fitted with 10 hardened carbon steel studs, for extra grip. 
Size: L – for all waders or boots up to size 11. 
Size: XL – for all Wading Boots, or larger waders from sizes 11-14 
600D Wadermaster Waders 
Our popular Wadermaster is undoubtedly the toughest wader on the market today! The waders of choice for anyone working in waders all day long, due to their exceptional strength, wear and tear resistance and comfort. Amongst our regular customers for these are fish farmers, river-keepers, fire brigades and water authorities. 
11281-01 Wademaster Waders
11281-01 600D Wadermaster Waders- See size chart> 
Our popular Wadermaster has been further improved by adopting the same pocket style, as used on our Prestige ST Breathable Waders. The tough 420D Ballistic nylon material, has an additional checked rip-stop pattern for even greater strength and durability. They’re not breathable and they’re not lightweight. What they are is incredibly tough, durable and hardwearing. They deflect thorns and gorse like no other material and if you want a pair of waders that is going to last… this is it. 
600D ballistic nylon material with a PVC backing to ensure it stays waterproof 
Unique acrylic felt lining to boots for warmth and comfort 
Interior lined with heavy duty nylon mesh to avoid condensation 
All seams double stitched and heat taped on the inside 
Heavy duty, moulded PVC boots, heat welded to the upper to ensure they remain watertight 
Fully cleated sole for sure grip in all conditions and terrain 
Fully adjustable elasticated braces 
Front welded patch pockets 
Additional internal mesh pocket 
Adjustable webbing waist belt 
Rear reflective strip for night-time safety 
Colour: Black 
Sizes: 6 to 13 
11282-02 Wademaster Thigh Waders
11282-01 Wadermaster Thigh Waders- See size chart> 
A thigh version of our popular Wadermaster made in the same tough, rip-stop material for hard wear in the most rugged conditions. 
Colour: Black 
Sizes: 6-13 
Nylon Waders 
Nylon Waders 
Mention the name Snowbee and most people would associate it with QUALITY WADERS…and quite rightly so. Waders is where it all began. We were the first company to introduce Lightweight PVC waders to the UK fly fishing market and since those early days over 20 years ago the range has steadily grown, evolved and improved.  
210 Denier Nylon Waders- See size chart> 
11251 210 Denier Nylon Waders 
The 210 denier nylon material is lighter, tougher, more durable and more flexible than the old PVC, so offers the wearer greater protection, coupled with added wearer comfort. 
‘American Style’ full cut, with seams up the outside of the legs and single front to back crotch seam to avoid chaffing. Adjustable webbing braces with elasticated rear section and quick release plastic buckles. Elasticated drawstring around chest with side adjuster straps for snug fit. Opposed buckles allow waders to be rolled down into a waist wader. Inside flap pocket. 
Tightly woven 210D nylon outer to resist thorns and abrasion 
Inner PVC coating ensures they remain 100% watertight 
Double-stitched seams heat sealed on the inside for added strength 
Quality 2-tone PVC boot 
Sizes: 5 to 15 in Cleated Sole 
Sizes: 8 to 12 in Cleated Sole FB (Fuller Body) 
Sizes: 5 to 14 in Combi Felt Sole 
210 Denier Nylon Waders
210D Nylon Thigh Waders- See size chart> 
Belt straps with adjustable buckles and elasticated section for comfort. 
Cleated or ‘Combi’ Sole option 
Colour: Dark Sage Green 
Sizes: 5-15 in cleated sole 
Sizes: 5-14 in Combi Felt-Sole.  
210D Nylon Thigh Waders
Classic Hi-Elastic PVC Chest Waders 
A budget priced Wader, using a ‘Hi-elastic’ PVC Material, providing plenty of “give” for ease of mobility and wearer comfort. This Lightweight material although not as not as tough as the Nylon materials, will still keep you dry and offers exceptional value for money.  
11071.1 Classic Hi-Elastic PVC Chest Waders
11071.1 Classic Hi-Elastic PVC Chest Waders- See size chart> 
Fitted with our cleated sole, PVC boots and nylon/elastic webbing braces and belt straps. The Hi-Elastic material has plenty of ‘give’ for comfort. 
Colour: Dark Green  
Sizes: 3 to 12  
11061.01 Hi Elastic PVC Thigh Waders- See size chart> 
Fitted with our cleated sole, PVC boots. Ideal for shallow wading, launching boats or simply cleaning out the garden pond 
Colour: Dark Green 
Sizes: 3 to 12  
11061.01 Hi Elastic PVC Thigh Waders
11071.1/11061.1 NEW Junior Sizes !- See size chart> 
The Hi-Elastic PVC Range is now also available in both chest & thigh models, from UK Size 3 (European Size 35). This has been requested by popular demand, so that we can now offer Junior sizes in an affordable wader, which won’t break the bank, when the kids grow out of them!