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Snowbee - Waldron Vice 
Lawrence Waldron is recognised world-wide as one of the premiere designers of fly tying vices. Legendary amongst international fly tiers, his vices have a classic simplicity of design, which sets them apart from their peers. 
Designer of Snowbee Vice // Lawrence A Waldron. The idea behind this product was to create a fully practical, versatile vice, with a good working area, used in the normal position or through 180 degrees, allowing good access to the hook at all times. Another consideration was the hook holding ability from the smallest hooks (size 30) to large hooks (10/0). Purposely designed to suit both left and right handed tiers, through a simple conversion of the connecting arm. The vice has simple, clean design lines to provide a clear and uncluttered working area. 
Snowbee - Waldron Vice 
The Snowbee-Waldron Vice offers the advanced fly tier faultless engineering precision coupled with a silky smooth operation. Its appeal is its simplicity. Superbly CNC engineered to tolerances of less than 0.01mm using 303 grade Stainless Steel, aluminium and CR12 tool steel for the jaws, hardened to Rockwell C 58.The main head axle runs on two sealed stainless steel ball-race bearings. Tension for the 360° rotating head is by means of a tension screw at the rear, operating on two delrin washers.  
The vice jaws are joined to the main head by means of a simple link-arm. Two Allen screws allow setting up of the jaws for total rotational symmetry about the centre line, irrespective of the hook gape. The precision jaws feature two precisely milled grooves to allow different sized hooks to be held securely - from as small as #30’s right up to large single Salmon irons and the largest saltwater fly hooks available. Comes complete with... 
All vices come with a purpose designed carrying bag, allen key adjuster tools, full instructions and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Replacement jaws are available separately. 
Snowbee - Waldron Vice
19083 Sight Board & Bobbin Cradle 
An ingenious double pivot and stem system supports both a sight board and bobbin cradle, allowing totally independent movement of each component. The sight board can be rotated around the vice jaws, allowing for left or right hand positioning, and the bobbin cradle through almost 360°, or can be folded away behind the head, when not required.  
A unique cradle head features a traditional “V” groove one end to drop a tying thread into, but also has a second groove fitted with 2 rubber “O” rings. This allows thread to be locked in place, cut and dubbed, separate to the main bobbin thread. 
19083 Sight Board & Bobbin Cradle
Tube Fly Attachments 
The Integral Tube-fly Attachment simply replaces the standard vice head, converting the vice to a precision Tube Fly model. The central tube pin locks in place by means of a small screw and compression is then applied to the tube by means of the reverse threaded ‘Cone’ head and locking collar. The cone head features a fine parallel tip, which allows the tube to be held in position with the silicone sleeve already in place, making it the perfect choice for professional tube-fly dressers. A Universal version of the Tube Fly Attachment is also available, which can be clamped into any conventional vice jaw. Both Tube Fly Attachments come with 2 different pin sizes to cater for different sized tubes.  
Fly-Mate Vices 
The Danish design of this premium range of Fly Tying Vices is second-to-none, representing excellent value for money when you compare the quality and features with other vices on the market. Superbly engineered from high quality steel and aircraft aluminium, the jaws are made from specially hardened, high alloy tool steel. 
The Fly-Mate Vices feature a rotational facility which, combined with the cranked jaws shaft, ensures that, when rotated, the shank of the hook turns around its own axis. Parallel clamping of the hook, by means of the 2 jaw clamp screws, ensures secure grip of any hook size from #24 to 8/0. The jaws come with a 5 year warranty. 
Fly- Mate Vices
Superbly engineered from high quality steel and aircraft aluminium. 
Available in desk Clamp style or Pedestal models, an optional extra is a patented ball joint on the vice shaft. This gives movement in all planes, which coupled with the 360° rotation facility, allows viewing of the fly from all angles, during tying. This facility can be particularly useful, when tying very small dry flies, or when using Epoxy resin, for Buzzers, or Saltwater flies. The ball joint allows unlimited movement, so the Epoxy can be accurately ‘run’ into the required shape, while it sets. 
Fly-Mate Vices
Fly Selections 
Everything you would expect from Snowbee – superb quality flies, coupled with excellent value for money, correctly tied in perfect proportions, on the best hooks available and using today’s most modern fly dressing materials and advanced techniques. 
Our 2015 range offers a unique choice of flies in selections largely designed and compiled from popular modern day patterns by our own Simon Kidd, in conjunction with World Fly Fishing Champion Iain Barr, plus some great saltwater and predator patterns from Russ Symons. What we have done for this year, is to redesign some of the selections, bring in some new patterns and make sure we have incorporated the very latest materials and colour options available today. We have also covered more fly fishing applications than ever before, wherever you may wish to travel and fish in the world. Each selection contains flies which have been chosen for a wide variety of waters and tried and tested by some of the top names in fly fishing. You can fish these patterns with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they don’t just look good… they catch fish! 
Flies in Box
Stillwater Nymphs and Lures 
These flies range from the very natural, with optimum presentation in mind, to the extremely simple and wildly successful, modern flies of today. We have provided plenty of choice for both large and small Stillwater anglers, but kept the range compact in each selection. There are patterns with and without added weight for optimum movement and possessing that ‘magic’ extra appeal which fish just cannot resist. In summary 22 new faithful and reliable selections of flies, that one dare not leave home without! We have even introduced a new selection this year just for the avid Carp fly fisher, tied on barbless hooks. 
Stillwater Dries and Nymphs
Snowbee River Flies 
A compact assortment of 6 river selections specifically for Dry Fly and Nymph fishing. Again we have provided an assortment of sizes, weights and patterns to make each card as versatile as possible and this year for the first time we have introduced half the cards with some of the very best competition patterns of today on completely barbless hooks. These flies are for river trout and grayling especially, many tied with great style to represent the natural insects and river fauna in the various appealing and unique stages of their natural life cycle. 
Snowbee River Flies
Sea Trout, Salmon & Surf 
These selections offer a range of uncomplicated, modern patterns in popular striking colours and designs, plus a few by request of the old faithful, like the traditional Scottish Salmon Double patterns in the most popular hook sizes. The singles are tied on a selection of traditional black and modern nickel silver hooks whilst the sea trout patterns need no introduction either. These are a simple, select range of the most popular traditional sea trout patterns plus a modern card containing stinger trebles on wake flies which when testing accounted for some great fishing and all with a unique habit of going savagely ‘bump’ in the night! Finally, there is a small card of Popular Bass Deceiver patterns for prospecting off the shore for that most illustrious of saltwater predators. 
Salmon & Sea Trout
Saltwater/Predator Selections 
Our Saltwater/Predator selections continue to offer both the destination fisher and those ‘fishing the salt’ nearer to home a great range of patterns to tempt any predatory fish from Bonefish and Tarpon to the hard fighting Bass and Pollack closer to home. Be ready to ‘hang-on’ though, as our predator patterns, tied from traditional and modern synthetics for light casting, might just be about to catch a toothy critter more than you bargained for! Also included here is a mixed selection containing some new mobile and light casting Pike flies plus a full ‘weed less’ card, for that stealthy presentation amongst the snags. 
Saltwater Selections
Fly Boxes  
Waterproof Fly Boxes 
Our new 2014 range of Waterproof Fly Boxes provide a storage solution for all requirements. 
Tough body mouldings provide strength and crack resistance, while the double hinges allow the lids to fold to 180o for easier access. The double-sided design maximises storage capacity for the space used & has a silicon rubber seal all around to keep your valuable flies dry. All our new boxes feature a white back-card onto which the ethafoam liners are mounted, so flies show up more clearly, for easier fly selection. 
14741 Small easy vue Fly Box  
14738/9 ‘Easy-Vue’ Competition Fly Boxes 
For 2015, we have extended the popular ‘Easy-Vue’ range with the addition of two new, larger, double-sided Competition models. Aimed squarely at the completion fly fisher or serious fly tier, who wants large capacity, in one box, easily accessible. 
Both models are fitted with our popular Slit-foam design in light grey with white background, which coupled with the clear lids, allows for clear, quick fly identification. The smaller model has 9 rows of fly foam each side and holds up to 562 flies. The larger model has 11 rows of fly foam each side and holds up to 708 flies. 
14738 ‘Easy-Vue’ Competition Fly Box – M: 9” x 6.5” x 1.75” 
14739 ‘Easy-Vue’ Competition Fly Box – L: 11.75” x 8.5” x 2.3” 
14741/2/3 ‘Easy-Vue’ Waterproof Fly Boxes 
Our ‘Easy-Vue’ range provides flexible fly storage in a range of sizes for all requirements. Fitted with Micro-slit, high density ethafoam liners, which hold all sizes of flies easily and securely with ample depth under the lids for all sizes of flies. Transparent ABS lids allow the contents to be seen at a glance for quick, easy fly selection. 
Small ‘Easy-Vue’... 
The smallest model comes complete with a neck lanyard, making it ideal for the roving or river angler, who likes to travel light and holds an impressive 136 flies – ideal for small river dries and nymphs. 
Medium and Large... 
The medium and large size boxes hold up to 220 and 288 flies respectively, making them ideal for the stillwater or reservoir angler. 
14741 Small: 3.8" x 2.8" x 1.4" 
14742 Medium: 4.9" x 3.6" x 1.4" 
14743 Large: 6.1" x 4.2" x 1.7" 
Waterproof Fly Boxes
Centre Leaf Fly Boxes 
14744/5 Centre Leaf Fly Boxes 
Our waterproof Centre Leaf Fly Boxes really do maximise available storage space. The removable centre swing-leaf, hinges to give easy access to both sides, providing 4-sided fly storage in one box. The centre leaves are available separately, so you can keep leaves pre-loaded with your favourite flies and swap over the ones you want for that day’s fishing. If you want to store large salmon or saltwater flies, simply remove the centre leaf completely and you have a very deep box, capable of storing the largest of flies. The Large model can store up to 576 flies, while the X-Large can take a whopping 936 flies! 
14744 Large: 6.7" x 4.3" x 1.8" 
14745 X-Large: 7.7" x 4.2" x 1.7" 
Centre Leaf Fly Boxes
Slit Foam / Compartment Waterproof Fly Boxes 
14746/7 Slit-Foam/Compartment Waterproof Fly Boxes 
All the same body features as the ‘Easy- Vue’ boxes opposite, but in a variety of different storage configurations.  
Our new Slit-Foam/Compartment range provide modern, flexible storage of all kinds of flies.  
Fitted with our Micro-slit, high density ethafoam liners one side and adjustable compartments the other, ideal for dry flies, tube flies and small spinners.  
The Large size box will hold up to 126 flies in the ethafoam holders, while the X-Large size will hold up to 216 flies. Both models have 12 compartments on the other side, with removable centre dividers for total flexibility. These compartments have a fold-down spring loaded clear lid, to keep dry flies securely in their individual compartments. 
14746 Large: 6.7" x 4.3" 1.8" 
14747 X-Large: 7.7" x 4.2" x 1.7" 
Slit-Foam / Compartment Waterproof Fly Boxes
Tube Fly Box 
14748 Tube Fly Box 
A Tube Fly Box based on our Waterproof body moulding, but featuring open compartments both sides, to hold a full range of tube flies, trebles, Waddington Shanks etc., in one neat box.  
7 compartments one side, including 2 full length compartments for long tube flies and 9 smaller compartments the other. 
14748 Waterproof Tube Fly Box
Slimline Fly Boxes 
14750 Slimline Fly Box 
Our ultra-slim profile fly boxes, take up the minimum of space and slip easily into any shirt or vest pocket, making them ideal for the roving bank or river angler. Manufactured from a tough, flexible, crack-proof ABS for durability, which is also ‘see-through’ on the lids for quick, easy fly selection. 
14750 Slimline Fly Box
The high density, pre-slit ethafoam liners, hold flies firmly and neatly in position and although these are not a new idea, what makes Snowbee’s boxes different, is the ‘cut-outs’ between the rows, which allow even large, hackled dry flies to be stored, without crushing the hackles. The ethafoam liners are mounted on white coloured back-cards, so flies show up more clearly, for easier fly selection. Each box has 9 rows of hookslots, holding up to an impressive 234 flies securely. 
Size: 184mm x 98mm x 13mm 
Weight: Just 80g/2.9oz 
14750 Slimline Fly Box closed
14750-KIT Slimline Fly Box Kit 
Designed with the serious fly tier or fly fisher in mind, this innovative kit consists of five of our Slimline Fly Boxes, neatly stored in a zip-closed divider bag, taking up the minimum of space. Between them, the five Slimline Fly Boxes will hold up to an amazing 1,170 flies in a carry bag of just 20cm x 12cm x 8cm (8” x 4.75” x 3.15”) – enough for the keenest fly fisherman or fly tier! 
14750-Kit Slimline Fly Box Kit
Magnetic Fly Boxes 
These innovative new 2015 fly box designs offer a completely new concept in fly storage.  
The more conventional slit, flat or ripple foam fly holders are replaced with a magnetic base, which ensures dry flies or small nymphs are held securely even in strong wind, preventing your flies blowing away up the river when you open the box! The ultra slim profile slips easily into a shirt or fly vest pocket. Available in 3 models with lightweight foam dividers providing either 6, 12 or 18 compartments. The 6 compartment model, with the longer compartments, also makes an ideal slimline tube-fly box. All are ideal hook storage boxes for the fly tier. 
14751 Magnetic Fly Box – 6 compartment 
14752 Magnetic Fly Box – 12 compartment 
14753 Magnetic Fly Box – 18 compartment 
Size: 188mm x 98mm x 18mm (7.4” x 3.85” x 0.7”) 
Magnetic Fly Boxes
Pocket Fly Boxes, Fly Box/Tool Kit & Multi Box 
14740 Fly Box / Tool Kit 
An innovative new, combined Fly Box and Tool Kit containing everything needed for a day’s fly fishing – zinger, stainless steel snips, long nosed, lockable forceps and leather leader straightener/fly line cleaner. Comes with a spare fly foam so once the tools have been removed, it can be fitted to make a double-sided fly box. The ideal gift for the fly fisherman who has everything! Colour: Green with clear lids 
Size: 6” x 4.1” x 1.8” 
Pocket fly boxes
14749 Snowbee Multi-Box 
A superb quality, small Multi-Box ideal for storing dry flies and nymphs. Solidly built in ABS plastic with a heavy-duty hinge that is not going to break half way through the first season! Double-sided, with a waterproof gasket all around, making it buoyant if dropped. 4 spring loaded lids covering a total of 14 compartments. Undoubtedly the best small multi-box we’ve seen and as the MD couldn’t break it after a full season’s use, it goes in the catalogue! 
Colour: Olive Green 
Size: 4” x 3.25” x 1.25” 
14691 Clamshell Fly Box with Centre Leaf 
The largest in the range, the clamshell design has a simple clip closure plus a folding centre leaf to double the holding capacity to an impressive 372 flies. This centre leaf has a rigid core, so it will not flex like some models, causing the flies to dislodge. A rubber gasket around the rim makes this fly box 100% waterproof. 
Size: 5¼”x 3½”x 13⁄8” 
Spring Hinged Fly Boxes 
These simple, double-sided moulded fly boxes are fitted with a simple side clip and spring hinges, so they can be opened with one-hand and spring open automatically. 
14692 Spring Hinged Fly Box – Medium 
The deeper of the two models, ideal for travelling light, with a mix of dry flies and nymphs. Holds up to 150 flies.  
Size: 4½”x 3½”x 1¼” 
14693 Spring Hinged fly box - Slimline 
The same features as the medium box, but in a slimline profile. Ideal for a shirt pocket when travelling light and perfect for small river dries and nymphs. Holds up to 150 flies  
Size: 4½ "x 3½"x 1"  
Pocket size fly boxes
Saltwater Fly Wallets 
Saltwater Fly Wallets 
Our Fly Wallets offer the serious saltwater fly fisherman huge storage capacity for large saltwater flies. Each wallet holds 12 Self-seal bags, each capable of holding 10-20 large saltwater flies. That’s over 200 flies, enough for an entire trip, in just one wallet! Imagine how many conventional fly boxes you would need for that! These sets of bags are removable, so you can keep spare sets, pre-filled with flies for different species. On the front of the wallets is a mesh pocket for tools, leaders etc. There is a belt loop to carry on the waist, or a clip to attach to any convenient D-ring. Perfect for fly-tying materials too. 
Available in two sizes, Small(19444) and Large(19443) these wallets are ideal for easy and secure storage of feathers and fly tying materials or for larger flies used for Saltwater and Predator fishing. Spare insert bags available. 
Colour: Navy Blue / Black 
Size 19443 Large: 9½"x6"x2" 
19443-B Insert bags Large set of 6 
Size 19444 Small: 8"x5"x2" 
19444-B Insert Bags Small: Set of 6 
Saltwater Fly Wallets
Saltwater Fly Wallets
Fly and Line Dressings 
SST-F/S Stormsure Fly Floatant & Tippet Sinkant 
These novel products contain everything a dry-fly fisher could need. A silicone based fly floatant, to prevent hackles getting waterlogged and keep dries floating high and a Tippet Sinkant, which breaks the surface tension and allows leader tippets to cut quickly through the surface film. Available individually or as a twin-pack. 
SST-F/S Stormsure Fly Floatant & Tippet Sinkant
SLSK Snowbee Line Slick 
A silicon based fly line lubricant, which reduces friction and resistance through the rings, allowing faster line speed at all times. When kept fully coated, it helps protect fly lines from damage and the effects of any harmful chemicals. Incorporates a plasticiser, which helps restore old or cracked fly lines. Can also serve as a fly reel lubricant if required. 
SLSK Snowbee Line Slick
SFLD Snowbee Fly-Line Degreaser 
We have all suffered from those Intermediate or Sinking Fly Lines that “hang” in the surface film. This is generally due to silicones used in fly line production, leaching though to the surface. Our degreaser is the only known silicone solvent, which effectively removes all traces of silicone or grease from the fly line, allowing it to cut quickly through the surface film and fish as it was designed to do. 
SFLD Snowbee Fly-Line Degreaser